The earliest fatty sexy underwear show

Can fat people also wear sexy underwear?

In the past, the sexy lingerie show was generally displayed by the slim beauties, but there was a very special sexy underwear show. Its protagonist was a group of full women. This is the earliest fatty sexy underwear show.

What is a Fatty Love Underwear Show?

Fatty sex lingerie show refers to the sexy, charming and interesting sexy underwear in the fashion show in the fashion show, to show the beauty of different sizes underwear and the sexy charm of women.This show is suitable for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Halloween.

How does the underwear brand show Fatty’s sexy underwear?

Most of the sexy underwear brands choose some women with beauty and curves as models, showing the beauty and dressing effect of underwear during the show.In the Fatty Funny Underwear Show, the model’s weight will reach more than 200 pounds, but in terms of choosing models, brands usually pay attention to the proportion of figures to reduce marketing adventure.

Why hold a Fatty Love Underwear Show?

Fatty’s erotic underwear show is mainly to promote the concept of "fat is also beautiful", so that more and more women can feel the beautiful side and increase self -confidence and self -esteem to women.At the same time, fat people’s sexy underwear show can also expand the mass foundation in the underwear market and benefit more women.

Encourage healthy physical values

The information conveyed by the Fatty Love Lingerie Show is that the body is not the only standard, but more importantly, the inner beauty and health values.This show attracted many audiences, inspired them to come out and embrace their physical and forms confidently.

Information dissemination and achieve market goals

Fatty sex lingerie show is an important means of brand communication and publicity, which allows consumers to increase the awareness and reputation of the brand. At the same time, it also plays a positive role in promoting the achievement of the brand market goals.

Clothing choices in the show

In the Fatty Funny Underwear Show, clothing design is also very important, and clothing must meet the charm and sexy needs of women.The brand’s clothing designer needs to take into account the texture and characteristics of the underwear, so that the style and the comfortable clothes can be taken into account.

Makeup and hairstyles on the show

The makeup and hairstyles on the show are also techniques that must be mastered.In the Fatty’s Funny Underwear Show, makeup artists and hair stylists need to create sexy makeup and hairstyles that are most suitable for them according to the models and figure characteristics of the model, so that they can attract people’s attention on the show.

Challenge traditional aesthetics

Fatty sex lingerie show is not only a one -time interpretation, but also a practice of challenging traditional aesthetics.This show actively encourages women to embrace their bodies, embrace their beauty, establish a new type of aesthetic concept, and oppose old and single aesthetic standards.


The earliest fatty sex underwear show had a very high visual impact.It is not only an important part of the brand’s integration into the market, but also a form of conveying the values under the values of correct physical values and the inherent standards of gender.Of course, it also emphasizes the publicity of women’s health and confidence.In short, the Fatty Fun Lingerie Show is a positive, interesting and exciting cultural phenomenon. In the future, we will continue to see more and more such shows, add different management ideas, set off new models and new models andtrend.

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