Ten sexy underwear girl

1. The choice of underwear material

Different underwear materials have different degrees of appropriateness for different people. It is essential to understand their skin types and sensitive situations for different materials.Under normal circumstances, high -quality underwear such as lace and silk is more comfortable and skinny, but the price is relatively high.Underwear made of chemical fiber is closer to the consumption level of the public, but it may cause problems such as allergies.Therefore, when choosing underwear, it depends on personal situation.

2. The purchase size of the underwear

The correct size is to find the prerequisite for the right underwear.When buying, you should first measure the size of your chest, waist, hip and other important parts, and then combine the brand size table to select the suitable size.If the size table is not detailed, you can contact the merchant customer service or try it on to ensure that the underwear is close to the body but it will not be too tight.

3. Wingnead style selection

Different underwear styles are suitable for different people. For women with poor body conditions, you can choose underwear with body -shaping effects, which can make the shape more perfect.For women who want to create a sexy image, they can choose underwear with more transparent, exposed eye, low -cut, and ultra -short.And comfort is more reflected in the style of wide shoulder straps, no steel rings, no trace underwear.

4. Underwear maintenance method

The maintenance of underwear requires special attention, not only requires conventional washing and cleaning, but also needs to pay attention to using water temperature, selection of washing solution, drying methods and storage methods.Some exquisite sexy underwear may not be able to use ordinary washing machines, and they need to be washed by hand.At the same time, it is best not to expose underwear to the sun, but to dry it in a cool place.

5. Applicable scenes of underwear

Different underwear is suitable for wearing in different occasions. For example, some sexy lingerie is more suitable for wearing in private occasions, and normal comfortable underwear should be selected in daily life.In addition, you must fully consider the color, brightness and other factors of the underwear when dressing, so as not to cause unnecessary embarrassment.

6. The combination of underwear and outside items

The matching of underwear needs to be considers the matching with the outside items. For example, if it is a cool summer, you can choose to wear a loose top to match the vest underwear. In winter, you can use sweaters and down jackets.In addition, the color and style of the underwear must be considered to make it better match with the outside.

7. Underwear brand choice

Choosing a brand with a good brand can better ensure the comfort, quality and quality of the underwear.When choosing a brand, not only should we optimize information such as evaluation, but also to check a series of information such as brand qualifications, brand history, counterfeiting and counterfeiting to avoid being deceived.

8. Underwear price and cost -effective

Price is one of the important factors that affect the purchase of underwear, but you must not just look at the price and don’t care about the quality.When buying, we must comprehensively consider the price, quality, style and other factors of underwear to achieve reasonable and fair purchase purpose.

9. Underwear usage cycle

The use cycle of underwear is different. Generally, the corresponding use period needs to be comprehensively considered according to factors such as materials, washing and processing. Therefore, underwear needs to be updated in time to ensure hygiene requirements.

10. Dressing habits of underwear

Good underwear wearing habits can not only extend the life of the underwear, but also ensure their own health and comfort.Therefore, avoid excessive tightening or excessive relaxation when wearing underwear, and you should sit on your legs and straighten your back.

in conclusion

All in all, you need to pay attention to the professional knowledge of underwear in terms of purchase, use, maintenance, and update to ensure the comfort, quality and quality of the underwear.Only in this way can the maximum value of underwear be used.

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