Teacher’s sexy lingerie serial comics free watching


The topic of sexy underwear has always attracted much attention.Recently, the serialization of a comic called "Teacher’s Influence" caused a great response.The characteristic of this comic is that it depicts the story of a sexy underwear between a lazy teacher and her students.This comic has attracted the attention of many people, especially young people and sexy underwear enthusiasts.


The comic "Teacher’s Influence" was created by Japanese cartoonist Yamamoto Yamamoto. It was first released in 2020.In this comic, Xiaozhu is a young and charming female teacher who is loved by her students.The story between Xiaozi and her students mainly revolves around sexy underwear.


Xiaozi and her students are wearing various styles of sexy underwear, not only pure sexy display, but also a lot of emotional meaning.The plot of this comic is very rich, not only romantic love plots, but also thrilling classroom events and challenging sexy underwear design competitions.This comics cleverly blend multiple elements.


The sexy underwear in this comic has a very beautiful detail design, especially their patterns and colors.The cartoonist Yamamoto Bird spent a lot of energy to depict the details of each sexy underwear. They are not only to increase visual attractiveness, but also designs with emotional meanings.

create character

The characters in the comics are very rich, and each character has its own story and personality.Xiaozhu is a female teacher who loves to live and lives. She leads the students to move forward.Other students also have their own glory. They shared their joy and sorrow and grew up in the design competition of sexy underwear.

Target reader

This comic is mainly for young people and sexy underwear enthusiasts.It is not just about the display of sexy underwear, but also about the story of young people’s growth, unity and bravery.The target readers of this comic are those young people who like romance and challenges.


This comic has brought a lot of gains to readers.Not only can you appreciate the exquisite sexy underwear design, but you can also feel the power of friendship, love and growth from the story.This comic is more like a growth experience. It taught us how to face challenges and difficulties, and tell us that unity is strength.

in conclusion

In general, this comic is very attractive to young people and sexy underwear enthusiasts.It is not just a story that shows sexy underwear, but also an experience of growth and unity.This comic tells us that no matter what difficulties and challenges are facing, as long as we work together, we will be able to overcome them.

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