Taobao sex underwear to read comments


With the development of the Internet, the way of shopping is becoming more and more diverse.Among them, Taobao has become the preferred shopping platform for many people, especially buying sexy underwear.However, it is inevitable that some people are hesitant because they are worried about quality or inappropriate sizes.At this time, take a look at the evaluation of other buyers on Taobao is a very good choice.

Price evaluation

The price of sexy underwear on Taobao is different, and different stores also provide different quality and services.By reading the evaluation of other buyers, you can learn about the actual value of a sexy underwear.Many evaluations will mention whether the price corresponding to the underwear is reasonable, or whether it is worth it.

Size evaluation

Although there are many sexual underwear tables on Taobao, many people still encounter a situation of buying errors.In the evaluation, you can see whether the size of other buyers’ size is accurate and whether it is in line with their own figure.This can also provide a reference to avoid buying wrong size and saving the trouble of returns and exchanges.

Material evaluation

The material of sexy underwear is very important for comfort and durability.In the evaluation, you can see that other buyers evaluate the material of a sexy underwear, whether it is comfortable, easy to clean, durable, and so on.This is also an important reference for choosing a suitable sex underwear.

Style evaluation

There are many different styles of erotic underwear on Taobao, but whether different styles are suitable for yourself.Through evaluation, you can see other buyers’ evaluation of a sexy lingerie style, whether it is suitable for their temperament, whether it is in line with their own style, and so on.This also provides convenience for buying the right style of sexy underwear.


The most important thing about sexy underwear is the effect. Whether it has achieved its expectations is the key to our purchase.In the evaluation, you can see how the actual effect of other buyers after purchasing, whether they are consistent with what they want, whether it makes themselves more confident, and so on.This also provides important suggestions for choosing a suitable erotic underwear.

Service rating

When buying sexy underwear, whether the service is friendly and intimate will directly affect the shopping experience.Through reading the evaluation of other buyers, you can see how the service quality of the store, whether it meets the needs of other buyers, whether it is patient to solve the problem, and so on.This is also a very important reference for choosing the right store.

Overall evaluation

In addition to the above single evaluation, we can also understand the real situation of the store through the overall evaluation of other buyers, including the reputation, word of mouth, service, etc. of the store.This can also help us avoid some bad shopping experiences and make shopping smoother and pleasant.


From the above aspects, by reading the evaluation of other buyers on Taobao, we can make us more comprehensively understand the problems of the style, size, material, price, effect, service and so on.This is a good reference for people who have no experience in shopping.But no matter what kind of evaluation is, it is just a reference. We also need to combine our actual needs and situations to make the final purchase decision.

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