Taobao sex underwear poor quality

There is a problem with the quality of Taobao sex underwear

Taobao is a very popular shopping platform that can buy a variety of products, including sexy underwear.However, from my shopping experience, the quality of sexy underwear on Taobao is generally not very good, and consumers need to choose carefully.

Lack of physical display

It is difficult to guarantee that the sexy underwear on Taobao is consistent with the real object, because sellers often use picture modification and filter effect to make the underwear look more beautiful and sexy.However, consumers need to remember that these pictures may not be real or modified, so it is best to read the product description and review customers’ comments carefully before buying.

Low -quality fabric

Fochye underwear purchased on Taobao often uses cheap fabrics, which means that they have poor quality and are not soft and comfortable.At the same time, these fabrics usually lack breathability and can lead to infarction and sweating.Consumers need to choose fabrics with caution.

Lack of standard size

One of the problems with Taobao sex underwear is that they lack standard size, which makes it difficult for consumers to choose their own underwear.Some sellers will get a size from underwear produced in China, but these sizes usually do not meet the figures of Westerners.Consumers should measure their bodies before buying and carefully check the seller’s size table to choose the right size.

Rough craft

Interest underwear on Taobao is usually made in large quantities, which means that sellers are often anxious to ship, which makes the craftsmanship rough.For example, the line head is often embroidered or cut off, making the underwear look unclean, and even affects the use period of underwear.Consumers should choose sellers and brand merchants with good reputation to ensure that the quality of sexy underwear they buy is good.

easily transformed

Some sexy underwear on Taobao is easy to deform due to the poor quality of the fabric, especially after washing and cleaning.This will cause the tightness, loose bands and other details of the underwear to be destroyed, affecting the aesthetic and service life of the underwear.Consumers should choose the fabrics and manufacturing processes of the underwear, and they can still maintain their original shape of sexy underwear after washing and drying.

Lack of transparent after -sales service

Some sexy underwear shops on Taobao lack transparent after -sales service, which means that consumers may be difficult to get refund or replacement when they encounter product quality problems.Consumers should choose sellers who provide transparent and fair after -sales service, which will help them get greater guarantees when buying sexy underwear.

Too low price

The price of sexy underwear sold on Taobao is usually too low, which indicates that sellers can use very inferior materials and processes in the process of manufacturing and price.Consumers should pay attention to that low prices are usually associated with inadequate quality assurance and low -level after -sales service.When shopping, you should choose a competitive price based on the quality of sex underwear and the reputation of the seller.

in conclusion

Although it is not ideal for buying sexy underwear on Taobao, the quality is usually not ideal.In order to obtain high -quality sexy underwear and good after -sales service, consumers should choose sellers and brand merchants with good reputation, and pay attention to the fabrics, craftsmanship and overall quality of the underwear to avoid waste of money and time.Of course, some small sellers will also sell very good sexy underwear, and this requires us to pay more attention and screening when we buy.

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