Taobao large -scale sexy underwear

How to choose a large -scale sexy underwear that suits you on Taobao?Without certain professional knowledge and experience, it is easy to be confused by photos and descriptions.In this article, we will conduct the skills and suggestions of Taobao’s large -scale sexy underwear.

1. Establish sexy level

First of all, consider the sexy level you want.Different people have different sexy standards. Some people like to be more exposed, while some people are more inclined to slight sexy underwear.Therefore, before choosing a large -scale sexy underwear, you need to determine the degree of sexy you want to show.

2. Choose suitable materials

The material is also what we need to consider when choosing large -scale sexy underwear.Low -quality underwear will make the crotch or cleavage have a bad feeling, which will affect your experience when wearing underwear.The sexy underwear on Taobao is very extensive, and many good brands and businesses will provide you with suggestions and support.Choosing the material that suits you can make you more comfortable when you wear.

3. Make sure the size is appropriate

Size is also important.Many women usually make a mistake when buying, that is, choosing the wrong size.Because the size of the underwear is important, it is related to the embarrassment of avoiding unnecessary unnecessary when wearing.Selecting the right size can improve your dressing comfort.Choosing the right size is an important task. In addition, some merchants also provide size help and perform specific size explanations.

4. Know your own figure

If you don’t know your body, then you are likely to choose underwear that is not suitable for you.Therefore, it is important to understand your own figure when choosing a large -scale sexy underwear.Some people may have a little shortcomings on their bodies, and they may affect your type of underwear.To understand your body and your sexy parts, you can better choose a large -scale sexy underwear that suits you.

5. Browse customers’ comments

On Taobao, the best choice is to view the comments of other customers on the product.Other customers usually provide very accurate feedback and cultural content, which provides useful suggestions for you to choose a large -scale sexy underwear that suits you.Reading these comments carefully can provide you with authentic opinions and feedback in the process of buying large -scale sexy underwear.

6. Choose the right style

No matter what kind of underwear you want, there is always one suitable for you on Taobao.Taobao provides many styles, and there are all elegant and pleasing from teasing.When choosing a style that suits you, you can consider your body and personality, and choose the underwear style that suits you.

7. Determine the accessories of clothing

Large -scale erotic underwear usually has some accessories with it, such as earrings, necklaces, belts, and so on.These accessories can make underwear more vivid and more attractive.If you want to experience the special feeling of underwear in person, consider buying accessories with its supporting facilities.

8. Tailor -made

Some merchants on Taobao provide customers with tailor -made services.This service can ensure that the size is appropriate, and the materials are also made according to customer requirements. However, tailor -made prices are usually more expensive than conventional underwear.If you want to ensure handmade and suitable size, you can choose this method.

In summary, choosing large -scale sexy underwear is a very skillful and experienced activity.According to the above suggestions, you can buy a suitable underwear to show your sexy beauty.

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