Taobao cat sex underwear

What is Taobao cat sex underwear?

Taobao cat sex underwear refers to a type of sexy underwear products sold on the Taobao platform.In addition to traditional women’s sexy lingerie, it also includes men’s sexy underwear, role -playing clothing, SM props, etc.These products are generally designed to increase interest and sexual interest, and can add a fun to the sexual life between couples or husbands and wives.

Types of Taobao cats sex underwear

There are a variety of types of Taobao cats’ sexy underwear. From young fresh lace sexy underwear to role -playing clothing comparable to stage performances, there are almost any styles of sexy underwear on Taobao.Common types include:

Lace erotic underwear: uses lace fabrics to reveal the sexy and charming of women.

Stockings erotic underwear: including hanging socks, stockings, pantyhose and other products, which can show the female enchanting side.

Personally sexy underwear: Using a close -fitting fabric can perfectly show the body curve of women.

Role -playing clothing: including students, nurses, police, stewardess, maid and other occupations.

SM sex supplies: including handcuffs, mouthball, hip whip, etc., which can meet the customer’s SM interesting needs.

Taobao cat sex underwear selection skills

Due to the diverse styles of Taobao cats’ sexy underwear and the quality of quality, customers can refer to the following skills when shopping:

Pay attention to the seller’s reputation evaluation and choose the product of the high reputation seller.

Pay attention to the size of the product and buy products that are suitable for your figure.

House women or older women should try to choose simple, generous, healthy and environmentally friendly underwear when buying.

Full figures should avoid too tight sexy underwear, and choose underwear products that are close to their body.

Taobao cat sex underwear wear

In order to achieve a better sexual settlement effect, Taobao cat sex lingerie is more diverse than ordinary underwear.The following introduces several common ways of dressing:

Single wearing: that is, wearing only sex underwear, suitable for indoor sex performances and other occasions.

With a jacket: While wearing sexy underwear, with transparent tulle, small jacket and other products, it can increase the sexy and conceal the belly and other parts.

Cooperate with sex props: use the use of sexy underwear with sex props such as fake penis and airplane cups to enhance the experience of erotic entertainment.

Taobao cat sex underwear maintenance method

Taobao cat sex underwear needs to be particularly careful when washing, especially on some details on sexy underwear.Here are a few ways to pay attention to:

Do not wash the Taobao cat’s sexy underwear with thick fabrics to avoid the quality of fibers and fabrics of sexy underwear.

Hand washing: Use warm water, inject a small amount of laundry solution, and then gently wash with your hands. Do not rub it too much, otherwise it will destroy the details.

Naturally drying: Do not use sun exposure or dryer, which will cause sexy underwear to deform, open glue, and retreat.

Taobao cat sex underwear is wearing time

What occasions are suitable for Taobao cat sex underwear?Depending on different occasions and needs, choosing different styles and styles of sexy underwear will be more suitable.The following are several classic occasions:

Sex underwear party: At the sexy lingerie party, women can show their figure and charming charm.

Time of sexual life of husband and wife: open the five -sense communication between husband and wife, increase the emotions of husband and wife, and increase sexy vitality.

Valentine’s Day or Marriage Day: Suitable for girlfriends or husbands for Valentine’s Day gifts.

The price of Taobao cat sex lingerie

The price difference between Taobao cat sex underwear is still very large.According to the differences between brands, styles, materials, and manufacturers, in general, the price of Taobao cats’ sex underwear is relatively close to the people. Most products are below 100 yuan. Some big -name sexy underwear will have hundreds of yuan or even higher.Therefore, customers should buy according to their actual economic ability during shopping.

Is Taobao cat sex lingerie suitable for everyone?

Not all people are suitable for wearing Taobao cat sex underwear.Because such products have a certain sexy ingredient, women’s own personality and preferences will become the decisive factor.

Taobao cat sex lingerie view

The appearance of Taobao cats’ sex underwear has added a taste and fun to the couple or couple, and it is a great color in sexual life.The correct purchase and usage method is also a topic that has attracted much attention.It is hoped that the future sexy underwear manufacturers and sellers should not only pay attention to the style and design of the product, but also pay attention to the quality assurance and customer service of the product.

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