Taobao buyer show sexy underwear

1. Introduction: Interesting underwear is not just for fun

Sexy underwear is a sexy, seductive clothing that allows the wearer to show a unique charm.With the popularity of the Internet, more and more women like to buy sexy underwear on Taobao and make buyer shows on social platforms.Especially in recent years, Taobao buyer show has become a way for sex underwear.So, what are the points of Taobao buyer showing fun underwear?

2. The importance of size

Interest underwear pays great attention to the size. If the size is not appropriate, it will not be able to achieve the expected results.Before buying a sexy underwear, you must carefully measure your body size and select the size according to the size guide of the merchant.

3. Material selection

Sex underwear usually uses sexy materials, such as lace, silk, transparent mesh and other materials, which can well highlight the texture and texture, but also need to consider comfort.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the choice of material to ensure the comfort of wearing.

4. Selection of color

Sexy underwear of different colors will give people a different visual impact.Yellow and red represent sexy and enthusiasm, black and white represent noble and elegant.When choosing color, consider your skin color and choose the color that suits you.

5. Design selection

There are various designs in erotic underwear, such as bra, underwear, suspender, etc.When choosing a design, consider your body and style, and choose a design that suits you.

6. Matching accessories

Sex underwear can be paired with various accessories, such as gloves, eye masks, stockings, etc.These accessories can not only increase the temptation of sexy underwear, but also enrich the shape and make the overall effect more outstanding.

7. Precautions for matching

When mating with sexy underwear, pay attention to the coordination of the overall style to avoid being too fancy or too simple.Also pay attention to the combination of different colors and different materials to avoid reducing the overall effect.

8. The skills of Taobao buyer show

Taobao buyer shows sexy underwear to pay attention to shooting skills.If you want to get a good shooting effect, you can find some places with good light and simple background to avoid using too many filters and grinding skin.When shooting, you can choose a full -body or half -body photo to avoid the problem of blurring photos and color differences that affect beauty.

9. Share etiquette

When publishing Taobao buyer shows, we must follow the basic etiquette to avoid indecent or too exposed photos.At the same time, pay attention to privacy protection, and do not leak personal information and privacy.

10. Conclusion: Interest underwear is a way to show charm

In general, sexy underwear is a way to show charm and sexy, which can bring confidence and joy to the wearer.When choosing a sexy underwear and participating in the Taobao buyer show, you need to pay attention to the size of the size, material, color, design, accessories, matching, skills and etiquette to achieve the expected results.

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