Taiwan’s early sexy underwear catwalk show

Taiwan's early sexy underwear catwalk show

First explore Taiwan’s sexy underwear catwalk show

In Taiwan, the history of sexy underwear catwalks can be traced back to the early 1970s.

Sexy presentation of secondary element

With the prosperity of animation culture, many sexy underwear brands have begun to integrate second -dimensional elements into the design to create a sexy underwear suit with anime or game character image.

Smart lace, charming

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Lace is one of the common elements of sexy underwear. Its transparent texture and design sense make people love it. There are also no lack of smart lace interpretation in Taiwan’s sexy underwear.

Underwear reflecting female temperament

In some sexy underwear brands, you can see many design of female temperament and elegant underwear, such as lace lace tailoring or popular wave dot elements.

Gorgeous display stage

The layout of sexy underwear is very exquisite, and the gorgeous background and stage create a very visual impact effect.

Various underwear styles that create sexy figures

In addition to the common bras and underwear, there are various styles in the fun underwear catwalk, such as a conjoined skirt characterized by pelvic bones and camisole to make the figure more sexy and graceful.

Colorful brand choices

There are many sexy underwear brands, and their colors include classic colors, bright colors and dark tones.The combination of different colors will give people different visual enjoyment.


Sexy underwear with different design styles

There are comfortable sports models, leisure home clothes, sexy shorts and medium -long lace underwear. For the needs of different occasions, sex underwear brands have also launched different styles of design.

Performance of sexy girls

The performance guests on the show underwear are usually sexy girls. They presented a visual and hearing feast to the audience through dance, performance, and host interaction.

Underwear design combined with modern technology

Some sexy underwear brands have also launched design combined with modern technology, such as using nano -material to increase breathability and comfort, or integrated vibers and Bluetooth equipment to achieve remote control.


Interest underwear catwalk is not only a visual feast, but also a way for brand to create image and promote products. In the future, the sexy underwear catwalk show will continue to grow and grow, and it will continue to present more and more intriguing design.