Surprise to your lover and sexy sheet

Surprise to your lover and sexy sheet

Romantic creativity: surprise the lover and sexy underwear

Want to bring a different experience to the other half?Consider sexy underwear.In addition to enhancing interest, it can also enhance sexy, and can release each other’s passion.If you want to surprise TA, don’t forget the following tips.

Understand the needs of TA

First of all, it is very important to understand the most style and type of TA.When choosing a sexy underwear, it is also indispensable to understand the size and chest shape of TA.If you are most suitable for her underwear, you can use what style of underwear she likes to wear most.

Choose a suitable style

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There are many different styles of sexy underwear, which can be selected according to the characteristics and needs of the other half.These include but not limited to conjoined, sexy pajamas, teasing bras, etc.Before that, you may wish to observe what style TA likes. After choosing a suitable style, you can order on the corresponding shopping website.

Color choice

Although red and sexy, black and charming, for everyone, the color is unique.When choosing a sexy underwear, the color selection will affect TA’s mood and emotional state to a certain extent.Therefore, when selecting the color, you must also follow the personality and preferences of TA.Select the wrong color in this regard, and the results that eventually appear may be the opposite of your expectations.

Master the size and size

Different erotic underwear brands may have different sizes and sizes.Therefore, when choosing a surprise and sexy underwear, it is best to master her size information in advance and compare the size tables of different brands before buying.In this way, the sexy underwear you buy can be ensured that the purchase of the sexy underwear is in a suitable size.

Focus on texture and quality

Sexy underwear is also very important in the comfort and health nature of wearing.Therefore, when purchasing, choose comfortable, breathable and soft materials, and pay special attention to the problems of quality and material composition.Generally speaking, the details determine the quality, so you must be careful when choosing.

Correct way of wear

I bought a sexy underwear not only to surprise TA, but also make TA feel comfortable and natural.In this regard, the correct way of dressing and the order of dressing is also very critical.Therefore, when buying, you can read the sexual underwear instructions and operation descriptions carefully after consulting the clerk, and understand the correct way of dressing.

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Create a romantic atmosphere

Sex underwear is worn on TA, and the temperature of the entire atmosphere will also heat up.In this regard, professional visual effects and hearing effects are indispensable.For example, you can decorate the room, place aromatherapy and candle, slow -paced music, create an immersive experience, and let TA feel that you are preparing for her.

Intimate service

After wearing a surprise and erotic underwear in TA, you can serve TA.Pour her drink, massage her, relax her body and mind … Although it is necessary to choose the service type according to the character of TA, this can help TA to enjoy the results of surprise.


The most important thing to choose sex underwear is to understand the needs and preferences of TA.When purchasing, you need to completely select styles, colors, sizes and performance.When TA puts on sexy underwear, it serves TA to create a more romantic atmosphere, so that TA can enjoy your intimate care while enjoying surprises.