Suqian Fairy Underwear Factory Recruitment of General Workers

Suqian Fairy Underwear Factory Recruitment of General Workers

Recruitment of general workers

Recently, a sexy underwear factory in Suqian City is recruiting general workers. Due to the rise in market demand, the company needs to increase the production line. Therefore, the recruitment advertisement has been released.The company is a well -known sexy underwear brand. It has a variety of products produced and has a European and American style appearance and various styles.Recruitment requires a certain factory experience and can be competent for the production of assembly lines.

Work content

The main work recruited general work is to operate machines on the current streamlined line to complete the work of sex underwear production.You need to master basic packaging skills and requirements, to ensure the quality and precision of each product, and to accurately complete production tasks.Work needs to be serious and responsible, and can actively communicate and cooperate.In addition, general workers also need to complete various tasks in accordance with the company’s production progress and production plans to ensure the mass production of the product on time.


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The salary of general workers is lower to other staff, but the salary of the recruitment companies is not too low.Therefore, if you want to enter the sex underwear industry and are indeed proficient in professional knowledge in the field, then you can consider applying for this job to accumulate valuable experience and skills for your career.Enterprises will also give certain performance rewards according to production results.

working environment

The sex underwear factory has a good working environment, with modern production equipment, perfect safety protection system and humanized employee benefits.In addition, the company has also implemented various training mechanisms and career development plans to provide employees with good opportunities and professional arrangements.

Recruitment Process

If you are interested in the recruitment advertisement of the sex underwear factory, you can enter the online application system through the official website or recruitment website, register and fill in key information, upload your resume and certification documents, and submit interview issues and application form provided by the company.After the application period is over, the enterprise will contact you through emails and telephones, and arrange interview time and place.The main content of the interview is about work experience and skills.If you perform well in the interview, the company will provide you with job opportunities.

Conditional condition

In order to accept the recruitment plan of the sex underwear factory, you need to meet the following basic requirements:

Over 18 years old, with identity documents

Have a good interest or practical experience in the manufacture of sexy underwear products

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Being able to complete a certain assembly line independently

Good team cooperation and communication skills

Has a certain sense of quality and responsibility

Career Development

If you have certain experience and professional knowledge in the sexy underwear industry, the future career development prospects are very broad.From general workers to production line team leaders to production supervisors, you can gradually improve your professional level and skills.You can also participate in vocational training programs organized by the enterprise, further improve your skills and ability, and create a good career development path in the industry.

Interview preparation

In order to have a better performance in the interview, you should fully understand the love underwear industry, understand the characteristics and needs of the product, and master certain industry knowledge and skills.In addition, it is necessary to prepare relevant certification documents and resumes, and communicate and understand the recruiters of the enterprise before the interview, and understand the requirements and points in advance so that they can answer questions appropriately during the interview.


With the development of the sexy underwear industry, sexy underwear manufacturers need to recruit more and more talents to support the market.Various types of people can find their own positioning in this professional field.At the same time as positioning, it is necessary to have stable and professional knowledge, skills, and work perception, and become a part of the field, so as to better succeed in professional development.