Suddenly discovered that my girlfriend wears a sexy underwear

Suddenly discovered that my girlfriend wears a sexy underwear

The first time I saw my girlfriend wearing a sexy underwear

When you fall in love and start to approach, there will be a lot of freshness between you.However, even if you have been together for a while, you may still be surprised by some behaviors of your girlfriend.For men, one of the most shocking things is the first time I discovered that my girlfriend was wearing sexy underwear.This is a situation where men who have experienced.

The novelty is surprising

Seeing a girlfriend wearing a sexy underwear, it will inevitably make people’s heartbeat accelerate and breathing rapid.Your mood will be fascinating, as if you are in the movie scene.The reason for this feeling is because the dressing method of the taitai of sexy underwear is different from the clothes we see in usual.

Falling underwear style and color

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There are many different styles and colors in sex underwear, from sweet and cute to hot and sexy.Some people choose bright underwear, and some people prefer to be more darker.In terms of style, you can also choose lace, mesh, leather, silk, and so on.

Sexy experience provided by sex underwear

Women may feel more sexy and more attractive to men’s attention.Interest underwear gives people a self -confidence and sexy feeling to help women give full play to their charm.Women will emotionally understand the charm of sexy underwear.

The actual use of sexy underwear

Although the sexy underwear looks very sexy and seductive, their actual public route does not last.Sex underwear can also be used as daily underwear, which provides comfort and support.

Sexy underwear will make your relationship more fulfilling and interesting

Wearing sex underwear is a very private and intimate behavior.This can make your relationship more fulfilling and interesting, and help you improve your feelings and cultivate fun.This is also an opportunity to explore physical or sexual life, and can enhance your sense of intimacy and trust.

Need to consider women’s opinions

Wearing erotic underwear is not readily accepted by women.Some women may feel unbelievable or even feel uncomfortable or ashamed.Therefore, when considering a sexy underwear, you need to communicate with your girlfriend and listen to her opinion.


Interest underwear should not be a pressure or requirement

Do not use sexy underwear as a pressure or ask for your girlfriend.If she doesn’t want to wear, you must accept her opinion and respect her decision.If you care about this matter, this may hurt your feelings.


Sex underwear can be a very interesting and exciting experience.However, when considering a sexy underwear, remember to consider the opinions and feelings of women.Don’t let sex underwear become the differences or pressure between the two of you, and always pay attention to respecting and caring with each other.