Story of sending young women’s sexy underwear

Story of sending young women's sexy underwear

I first met her

The first encounter with her was wearing sexy clothes at a evening party. Her eye -catching curve made me unable to look away.After several gatherings, I finally got her phone number.

Understand her

After I first learned about her, I found that she loved and loved lingerie, collected many different styles of sexy underwear, some were sexy lace models, and some were passionate sequins.She said her hobby stems from her efforts to maintain a confidence and sexy image.

Choose underwear

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After understanding her hobbies, I think sending a sexy underwear as a gift may make her very happy.But there are so many sexy underwear, how should I choose?I checked a lot of information and read a lot of related suggestions. Finally, I found the style I think suitable for her.

Buy underwear

I received a sample of sexy underwear, and I think this is very good.When I decided to buy, I encountered some difficulties.First of all, I don’t know where to buy these underwear. Second, I am not sure if the size is appropriate.

Understand the size

Before buying such underwear, it is best to understand her size. Maybe you can secretly observe her underwear size, or ask her size.The size is very important. If the size is wrong, it will affect the overall effect of the underwear.

Where to buy

After some inquiries, I found that some sexy shops can buy all kinds of sexy underwear.I bought underwear in such stores and asked the clerk some suggestions. Finally, I bought a set of underwear from there.

Successfully send

When I sent her underwear to her, she was very happy and was grateful to me.When she disassembled the gift, she saw the underwear inside, not only appreciated it, but also tried it on.At that moment, I was very satisfied with my choice.


Amazing effect

One night after that, she put on that sexy underwear, and I could only say that the effect was really amazing.Her touching body lines are revealed and look very sexy.After putting on a pajamas, she turned around and blinked. I knew that my gift was of great significance to her.

Our relationship is further

From that night, our relationship has become more and more, and underwear has become one of the ways we surprise each other and enhance feelings.Our life has become more interesting and better.

Charm of underwear

Sending underwear is not only a gift, but also a deeper meaning, that is, to enhance emotion and intimacy.The charm of sexy underwear is that it can mobilize and enhance the sexy attributes of people, evoke the desire deep in the body, and make two people closer.