Star bikini sex lingerie picture Daquan

Star bikini sex lingerie picture Daquan

Star bikini sex lingerie picture Daquan

The first wave: sexy and charming bikini sexy underwear

The sexy and charming style is undoubtedly the most popular in the bikini sexy underwear.Such underwear usually uses thin and transparent materials to create the effect of naked temptation. The hot breath hit the eyeball.

The second wave: cute and playful bikini sexy underwear

In addition to the sexy and charming style, the stars are also in love with the cute and playful bikini sexy underwear.This type of underwear often uses flowers, small animals and other elements. The design is inspired by fairy tales and Japanese and Korean popular clothing, which is full of girly and sweet atmosphere.

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The third wave: high -quality European and American style fun underwear

The bikini sexy underwear of European and American stars usually has a high -quality texture.Most of the materials are mostly high -grade silk, lace, feathers, etc., the design style is biased towards retro and romance.This kind of underwear usually creates a sense of luxury and affinity, which impresses people.

Fourth wave: modern avant -garde fashion sexy lingerie

Fashion stars’ bikini sexy underwear usually has a modern avant -garde design style.Materials are mostly knitted fabrics, coating satin, etc., designing the sense of layering and streamlined shape in design.This type of underwear shows the cutting -edge and avant -garde in the fashion industry, and many popular design elements can also be found in it.

Fifth wave: minimalist basic sexy underwear

Some stars also like the basic sexy underwear of minimalism. This kind of underwear shows a simple and friendly style, less fancy and tedious decoration, and more understanding and cherishment of natural beauty.Such underwear usually has excellent comfort and adaptability, and has become the first choice for many people.

The sixth wave: creating underwear in harmony with the body

When stars choose bikini sexy underwear, they often choose styles that can reflect the harmony of their origin.This kind of underwear focuses on creating its own curve and body proportion, while maintaining sexy retro while highlighting its own charm.

Seventh wave: A safe and sexy underwear considered intimately

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Compared with exquisite designs, some stars will also pay more attention to the safety and functionality of the endless clothes.For example, the menstrual underwear usually protects the body and convenient use as the starting point, and the safety measures will be more stricter.Such underwear usually has the characteristics of soft and breathable, which is assured and intimate.

The eighth wave: a lot of pragmatic and practical erotic underwear

Don’t think that the bikini erotic underwear of the stars is just some fun. In fact, this kind of underwear has a lot of practical value in terms of sex.For example, strengthening fixed, shaping, thin waist, buttocks and other functions can be praised by users.The shape design and material of this type of underwear are more advantageous in sexual relations.

Ninth wave: luxury and sexy underwear with self -confidence

Finally, you can’t ignore the luxurious and sexy underwear of self -confidence.This kind of underwear is decorated with various gorgeous jewelry, high -profile metal, and cooperating with chic printed and a large amount of red tone, and enthusiastically shows people’s confidence.Such underwear was well received at the dance and party.


With the development of the times, sex underwear has gathered various styles and various functions in a beautiful life.Whether it is bikini, costume, European and American, high -quality, fashion, foundation, harmony, security and other styles, they are creating an atmosphere full of emotional life.The bikinis of the stars are full of colorful underwear style, and you can also choose the style that suits you according to your temperament.