Spanish fashion underwear show perspective

Spanish fashion underwear show perspective

Spanish fashion underwear show perspective

Spain’s fashion sex lingerie show has always been a great event.A few days of fashion shows attracted fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals from all over the world.And this year’s Spanish fashion underwear show is even more eye -catching, because its theme is perspective.This article will introduce this wonderful show in detail.

Comrades and heterosexual love underwear dance together

Many erotic lingerie brands show the comrades and the sexual sexy underwear in this show, which is also a point that attracted widespread attention.The emergence of comrades’ sexy underwear showed everyone a diverse fashion trend.In addition, the heterosexual love underwear has more creative elements, such as their colors, petals, sequins and lace, etc., which makes the audience’s intention.

Multifunctional sexy underwear

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In this show, multifunctional sexy underwear is also the focus of attention.Many brands have launched dismantling, adjustable and deformable sexy underwear.The advantage of this type of underwear is that the wearer can change the shape as much as possible, and match the needs of different occasions to make people more practical while maintaining sexy.

Popular pattern decorative elements

On this show, the pattern decoration elements are also a hot spot.Different brands use different pattern decorative elements in sexy underwear, such as stars, hearts, and flowers. These elements add a lot of color to sexy underwear.At the same time, these pattern elements are also suitable for making many other clothing and accessories.

Stacking layer sense matching

Stacking elements are also one of the highlights of many sexy underwear brands on this show.Through different levels and color matching, the brands reflect the depth and richness in sexy underwear.The layers of stacks with the same texture but different colors, or superimposed styles made of tulle, silk and other materials are very popular.

Use a variety of material erotic underwear

Interest underwear can be made into many different styles, and the brand on the Spanish fashion underwear show has made in -depth discussions.They use various texture materials such as silk, leather, knitted and wool to make sexy underwear.At the same time, a lot of beads, sequins and embroidery elements are decorated with sexy underwear, so that the underwear has more possibilities in terms of coverage area, style and touch.

High -waist sexy underwear’s popularity

High -waisted sexy underwear has always been considered a conservative option, but this time the show is against the trend.Many brands launched their unique high -waisted sexy underwear series on this show and quickly opened the market.These high -waisted sexy underwear design is simple, beautiful, and sexy. I believe that in the future, it will be sought after by more consumers.

Curvy Plus

Use of perspective elements

Just like the theme of this show, the use of perspective elements is also one of the hotspots of everyone’s attention.Various brands use perspective design on sexy underwear to show the beautiful curve of the body.These perspective elements can be lace, embroidery, tulle or silk, etc., making the wearer more sexy.

Retro element reproduce

In the sexy underwear of this era, retro elements have also become a discovery direction for brands.These retro styles are characterized by a large number of lace, gloss and hollow design, showing the elegance and sexy of the past.These sexy lingerie styles show us the perfect combination of modern design and old time.


At this Spanish fashion lingerie show, the brands have launched many unique sexy underwear.Different styles, different materials, and different ideas, each brand is trying to discover the infinite possibilities of sexy underwear.We believe that such fashion shows can not only see the design and matching of the latest trends, but also the diverse fashion trends. These trends will go to the future and affect our lives.