Soldiers wearing sexy suits

Soldiers wearing sexy suits

Soldiers wearing sexy suits

Military people may sound unbelievable when wearing fun underwear. After all, the image of soldiers is generally mainly serious, calm, and masculine.But in fact, in some cases, soldiers will wear sexy underwear.So, under what circumstances will the soldiers wear sexy underwear?This article will answer you one by one.

Put sexy underwear during training

The training in the barracks is very strict and difficult, and the training competition is even more intense. At this time, some soldiers need to wear sexy underwear to decompress.This is not a strange move, because wearing sexy underwear can increase self -confidence, regulate mood, and make the atmosphere during the training easier and pleasant.

During the event

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Army activities are a better opportunity to communicate between soldiers. Wearing sexy underwear in such an environment will help enhance each other’s relationship and promote a more harmonious team atmosphere.At the same time, it also increases the entertainment and fun of activities.

Wear sex underwear to surprise your partner

Soldiers often need long -term expeditions, and they have less time to reunite with their families. At this time, they can put on sexy underwear to surprise their partners in their hometown.This situation is mainly to increase interest and romance, not sex.

Quota underwear and uniform mix and match

Military people’s requirements for uniforms are very strict, but wearing erotic underwear and uniforms is a unique way of dressing, which can highlight their unique personality and charm, and at the same time improve their charm and popularity index in colleagues.

Enjoy sexy underwear with your companions

The feelings between soldiers are very deep, and sometimes they give sexy underwear as gifts to companions to express the high recognition of friendship and this special relationship.

Sex underwear purchase guide

For soldiers, buying sexy underwear is also particular, because protection, wearing resistance, and breathable comfort when wearing sexy underwear are very important. It is best to choose sexy underwear with excellent texture, excellent craftsmanship, anti -static, breathable, and breathable.

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Selection of sexy underwear

When choosing the color of sexy underwear, soldiers need to pay special attention to the requirements of the uniform color, avoid violations, and also pay attention to personal taste and choose the color that suits them.

Size in sex underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, soldiers need to pay attention to size problems.Because soldiers need to exercise for a long time and have good physical condition, it is very important to choose a sexy underwear with the right size. It should avoid excessive and large size.

Falling underwear maintenance

The texture of sexy underwear is special and needs to be maintained carefully.Generally speaking, the washing temperature of the sexy underwear should be below 30 ° C, and washed with water to maintain the quality of the texture.


The soldiers wearing fun underwear may be unexpected, but this situation exists.But under what circumstances, wearing a fun lingerie, you should clearly clarify your purpose and intention to avoid adverse social impacts.