SM sex lingerie uniform bundle hands

SM sex lingerie uniform -bundle hands

1 Introduction

Interesting underwear uniforms are a very sexy and teasing clothing, and SM sex lingerie uniforms are added to binding and restraint elements.As one of the main components of SM sex underwear uniforms, bundles have a high degree of recognition and unique charm, so they are popular.This article aims to introduce what is the bundle of SM sex underwear uniforms, and which styles and how to use it.

2. Definition of bundling

Binding is a bracelet tied to the wrist. It is usually made of leather or nylon rope. It plays a binding and bondage role in the SM sex lingerie uniform.Props.

3. Style of bundling hands

There are various styles of tied hands, mainly including handcuffs, handcuffs, and handcuffs of wrists.Handcuffs are similar to practical handcuffs in shape and texture, divided into metal and leather materials.The handcuffs of rope are bundled with rope, which are soft and curved, and will not scratch the skin, which is very suitable for beginners.

4. How to use hands

The use of hands is also diverse. Usually, it is tied to the wrist of the abused hands (by the side of the SM), so that the abusers cannot use the wrist activity to increase the effect of restraint.However, when using your hands, you must pay attention to safety and reasonableness, avoid tightness when binding, and cause physical injuries.In addition, after the bundle is over, check the physical condition of the abacus at any time to avoid accidents.

5. Matching the hands

Bundled hands can be used with other terms and sex toys, such as mouthball, eye mask, whip, etc.The common role of these props is to add freshness and challenges to SM games, but also pay attention to safety and caution, and follow the principle of "voluntary, conscious, safe, and healthy".

6. Maintenance

Binding hands can be maintained through the following methods: Wipe clean and soft cloth to avoid contact with moisture and foreign bodies.At the same time, prevent rope bundle handcuffs from wear, damage, and discoloration.Metal bundles should also be placed in dry places to avoid moisture and rust.

7. Precautions for bundling hands

Pay attention to the following points when using your hands:

1. Ensure that the patient’s psychology and body can bear the role of binding;

2. Choose SM props such as bundles and whips that meet your preferences and safety standards;

3. Follow the principles of SM games, health, safety, voluntary, conscious;

4. Keep communication and master the situation and response of the abuse;

5. Avoid too long, relax or adjust in time.

8. Gender differentiation

Compared with other SM props, the gender differences are not obvious. The common difference between men and women is that there are some bundle -based style design on the market that are more suitable for boys to wear, while others are more suitable for girls to wear.For example, some styles are relatively rough, with some atmospheric bundles suitable for men, while some materials are soft and soft -colored and some are suitable for women.

9. Summary

The bundle in SM sex underwear uniforms, as one of the more important components, has the characteristics of beauty, sexy, which is conducive to increasing interest, charming, and challenging.At present, there are many bundles on the market. Each detail is carefully selected by designers and manufacturers to create a unique and beautiful product.It is recommended to make a plan in advance when using bundle, whip and other SM props to ensure the safety and health during the game.

10. Conclusion

As part of the SM sex underwear uniform, bundles are very widely used. From restraining the body, to increasing the sense of interest and challenge, they all have a great effect.However, you must pay attention to safety when using it, and put it first, so that both parties can enjoy the fun of SM games in a healthy state.

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