Short -choice of love underwear

Short -choice of love underwear


When it comes to sexy underwear, people may think of many flowers, pink pinks and other attractive details.But for those who are relatively small, sexy underwear may bring some problems, such as discomfort and dissatisfaction.In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide to buy suitable sexy underwear about how to buy suitable sexy underwear.Whether you are looking for a good time or want to provide some confidence for your partner, you can find a sexy underwear that suits you.

Color and style

First of all, short women should choose some more color and styles of sexy underwear.Too much lace, lace and other decorations make women with short body look even more compact.It is recommended to choose some dull sexy underwear, such as black, purple or dark red.These colors can give people a mature and sexy feeling, and can emphasize their charm well.


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Material is very important.For short women, choosing a small amount of fabrics or tight sexy underwear looks more ideal.If you want to choose a lace or other decorative underwear, you can choose some styles that are directly sewed on the sexy underwear to reduce the volume and dispersion of the decoration.

Suitable underwear style suitable for figure

Short women often have a problem that is not proportional to her body.But don’t worry, as long as you choose the right style, you can also show a sexy side.More suitable sexy lingerie styles include swimwear style, vest, cleavage pads, and so on.These styles can help expand the proportion of the upper body, so that the figure looks more slender.

How to wear underwear bras

For short women, adjusting the way and location of the brain may be more important.The position of the underwear cup should be at the highest point of the breast, and the arm hole should not be too wide.These steps can ensure that the underwear cup is suitable for body, making the chest look more upright.

Don’t pursue excessive sexy

Although sexy underwear is to show sexy and charm, do not pursue excessive sexy, grilled chicken breasts or excessive exposed underwear will be too dazzling, causing too much burden.Suitable erotic underwear should be playful and cute, and show the characteristics of body characteristics.

Do not choose underwear with too large size

Not all short women will choose underwear with too large size, but at any time, women will use large underwear to make up for their height defects.However, the underwear with too large size will make the underwear cup too large or the shoulder strap too long, etc., which deform the chest, or unknowingly hidden in the underwear.

Sexy Lingerie

Accessories commensurate with body

The best match for sex underwear is of course accessories.But for short people, they must be very cautious when choosing accessories.It is recommended to choose the jewelry chain that can eliminate the proportion of body, decorate on some details, such as tattoos and high heels, and try to avoid wearing too large or paste accessories.

Appropriate skin care

For all women, skin maintenance is equally important.For short women, the skin is healthy more healthy to increase the proportion of the body.When choosing a product that suits your skin, please consider product composition carefully, and avoid using too much irritating skin care products.

Personality and confidence

Finally, self -confidence and personality are important factor in showing the charm of sexy underwear.Even on the premise of choosing the underwear style that suits you, there is no self -confidence and personality, then it is difficult to show a real charm.

in conclusion

Although height will be troublesome to choosing sexy underwear, for short women, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you and showing confidence and personality, making underwear a means to show yourself, you can turn the body’s gap into a gap to become a gap in your body.Your own advantage.