Shanghai sex lingerie brand

Shanghai sex lingerie brand

Shanghai sex lingerie brand

brand introduction

Shanghai is a fashionable and romantic city and the birthplace of sexy underwear brands.There are many well -known erotic underwear brands in Shanghai, such as: BACI, Victoria ’s Secret, Lei Dels, Diwus, Zero Gravity, Tanian, Virty, Puxian and so on.

Style classification

There are many types of sexy underwear. According to styles, they can be divided into: sexy lingerie, sweet girls sexy underwear, daily comfortable sexy underwear, lace lace sexy underwear, lace yarn nets sexy underwear, net socks sex underwear, corset and underwear suits, corset and underwear suit, corset and underwear suit, corset and underwear suits, corset and panties, corset and underwear suit, corset and underwear suit, corset and panties,Sexy uniform temptation.

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brand speciality

Each brand has its unique features, which make the brand stand out in the market.Each of BACI’s sexy underwear is very sexy and uses high -quality fabrics, reflecting a strong classic atmosphere.Victoria’s Secret focuses on the carving of details, making each sexy underwear more sexy in detail.Leader was impressed by high -quality and noble design.

Suitable crowd

The sexy underwear of each brand has its own suitable population. Consumers can choose a sexy underwear that suits them according to their needs and preferences.Sexual feelings are suitable for self -confident and independent women; sweet girl sexy underwear is suitable for petite and pleasant girls; daily comfortable sexy underwear is suitable for women who like comfortable and feel; lace lace sexy underwear is suitable for women who like soft and romantic.

Price range

The price of sex underwear ranges from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan, and the price varies from brand and style.Generally speaking, the price of sweet girls is relatively low in erotic underwear, while sex and sexy lingerie prices are relatively high.


When buying sexy underwear, it is recommended to consider brand credibility and your own needs. Do not blindly follow the trend or listen to the salesperson.Before purchasing, you can search for evaluation of related products online, understand the purchase experience and use effects of others, and reference.


Bustiers & Corsets

The service life and maintenance methods of sex underwear are inseparable.After using sexy underwear, you need to clean it immediately, and do not rub it hard to avoid destroying fabrics and latex products.It is recommended to use neutral detergents to avoid using strong corrosive substances such as bleach and alcohol to avoid damage to the quality of sexy underwear.


Interest underwear needs to pay attention to hygiene and safety when using.When buying, you need to choose a regular brand and channel to buy; you need to avoid excessive use during use, so as not to cause adverse effects on the body.For people with a history of skin allergies, it is recommended to consult a doctor or relevant experts before buying.


There are many shopping malls in Shanghai, and for consumers, the choice of purchasing sex underwear is also wide.In the shopping malls of Shanghai Shopping Center, Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street, and Chengdu North Road, counters and brand stores provide many different sexy underwear.

Brand future

The Shanghai sex lingerie market is becoming increasingly eye -catching, and the competition between brands is more intense.For brands, maintaining the uniqueness and quality of the brand, focusing on researching consumer needs, and strengthening the brand’s marketing and publicity are all the future development direction of the brand.


Shanghai’s sex underwear market is well -known and has many brands. Consumers can choose the brand and style that suits them according to their needs and preferences.When buying, you need to consider many factors to buy the sexy underwear that suits you best.