Sexy underwear water hand service beauty

Sexy underwear water hand service beauty

Sexy underwear water hand service beauty

1. The relationship between crew and sailor’s sexy underwear

The design of the sailor clothing color underwear is inspired by the traditional navy sailor clothing.The sailor suit implies navigation, bravery, and freedom. It includes elements such as blue and white stripe shirts, black tie, blue skirts and white socks, and use a large amount of blue and white stripes and anchor patterns.The sense of freedom and adventure brought by these characteristics attracts many people’s yearning and imitation.As a result, pursuing unique and novel sexy underwear designers incorporated its characteristics into the design of sexy underwear, bringing people a novel and exciting feeling.

2. The traditional shape of the sailor’s dive

The traditional style of sailors’ sexy underwear is the style of Xiao Yangge dance skirt, and in the official version of the sailor clothes, the length and style of the skirt are different.In the field of sexy underwear, short skirts/mini skirts are the most popular, and the length and fluffy sense of skirts are very suitable for wearing in the scene of interest.At the same time, the first half also retains the purpose of navy improvement in combat effectiveness. The design of the tube top or short -sleeved shoulder strap design enables people to move at any time and show some shiny details.In summary, the sexy lingerie of the sailor clothing uses traditional Xiao Yangge dance skirt and short -sleeved shoulder straps, which is more in line with the needs of fun fashion and functions.

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3. Features of blue and white striped shirts

In the sexy underwear, the blue -and -white striped shirt is one of the important elements.The color of the sailor shirt get rid of the tradition of black and gray, and replaced it with a more lively and bright color. The white match makes the blue more vivid, and the striped design lines are simple and smooth.Use this design in sexy underwear to let people see a playful and sloppy woman, making the entire underwear sexy and cute.

4. The meaning of anchor pattern

Another element used in sailor clothing sexy underwear is anchor pattern, and anchor is one of the most common patterns in sailor clothing.It is not only practical, but also symbolic.The anchor represents hope and security, which reminds people of the safe harbor in the ocean and a firm belief.

5. The importance of white socks

The use of pure white socks in the sailor’s sexy underwear is the perfect finishing touch of the entire dress.White socks not only set off the blue -bottomed white stripe shirt, but also increase the overall feeling and coordination.White socks are also very practical in the interesting scene, which can make you more unmotned and showing yourself.At the same time, with other shoes or high -heeled shoes, you can make your fun style more colorful.

6. Use sailor shoes to add details

Sailor shoes are one of the traditional sailor clothing, which matches the entire dress to make the whole sexy underwear look more perfect.Sailor shoes are a flat or low heel, usually black or dark blue.

7. The development trend of sexy underwear water hand clothes


As more and more people try sailors’ sexy underwear in the sex scene, it is also continuously developing and improved to meet the needs of different people.These improvements include the use of higher quality fabrics, strengthening creativity, increased details and decorations, and focus on comfort and breathability.In the future, sailor’s sexy underwear will continue to be further improved, more durable and comfortable, and will also have a sense of fashion, so that people can enjoy a better experience and experience.

8. The applicability and non -applicability of sexy underwear water hand clothes

Sailors’ sexy underwear is suitable for women of all ages, especially young women, which have both cute and sexy characteristics, which can highlight the charm of women.However, for some women, sailors’ sexy underwear is not suitable.For example, older women, relatively fat women, or women who do not like freshness, neat, more independent and free personality, and pursuing dark mood are not suitable for wearing.

9. Sailor clothes sex underwear dress suggestion

If you are considering buying a sailor clothes sexy underwear, there are several suggestions to pay attention to it.First of all, it is important to choose a sailor suit with a sailor suit that is suitable for your figure.Secondly, please make sure to choose comfortable and breathable fabrics, because sex exercise needs to be breathable, avoiding energy to sweat and adjust underwear in exercise.In addition, you can also use many erotic props to enhance the atmosphere of interest.

10. Viewpoint

In general, sailors’ sexy underwear is a lively, cute and sexy sexy underwear, which has extensive applicability in the sex scene.With the increasing attention and favors of sexy underwear, we believe that the sailor’s sexy underwear will have a more vivid personality and richer design style in the future, allowing people to experience more exciting and surprising feelings in the sex scene.