Sexy underwear Taobao order picture

Sexy underwear Taobao order picture


In today’s society, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular, and the era of e -commerce has also provided people with a lot of convenience.Among them, Taobao is a very popular e -commerce platform. Many people choose to buy sexy underwear on Taobao, but sometimes due to the problem of the picture, it has purchased products that do not meet expectations.Below I will tell how to accurately distinguish between sexy underwear orders on Taobao.

Materials and quality

The quality of sexy underwear is an important factor in determining whether to buy.Although many merchants can easily modify underwear on the image, the differences between the real and the picture are often visible.Taobao does not have a physical store, so it is recommended that you look at as much comments and related pictures as possible when choosing underwear, and buy a shop with real quality.You can determine whether the quality of the store is reliable by querying the reputation and after -sales service of the store.

Size reference

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When choosing, it is recommended to carefully check the size control table provided by the store. It is precisely in line with whether the size of your own.If not, you can contact the store to request more size refer to photos and determine your own size.

Real color

You need to confirm whether the actual color of the underwear is consistent with the picture.Factors such as light and camera angle may affect the display of pictures and physical colors, leading to visual differences.Before buying, try to view possible color descriptions and photos, or ask the store for color difference guarantee map.

Sexy degree and style

The sexy degree of sexy underwear is one of the most concerned issues when buying. According to your temperament, body and habits, buy a style and style that suits you.You should choose some sexy underwear with a clear style, so as to better highlight your beauty and personality.

Lace and transparency

When choosing lace and transparent sexy underwear, make sure the merchants provide detailed pictures, including patterns, structural details and transparency, and so on.Make sure you have good quality of lace and transparent sexy underwear, without yarn or other serious defects.


The process of sexy underwear is a great factor that can be related to refinement. When purchasing, you need to ask the product’s details and materials and other accessories for sale in advance.It is determined that the underwear has enough toughness and durability to maintain color and shape.


Number of accessories and styles

The accessories of sexy underwear are a very important part of sexy underwear. Some accessories are very rich. You need to understand whether there are restrictions and corresponding use methods before buying.

After -sales service

Finally, do not ignore after -sales service before buying, choose regular merchants, and first understand the quality and effect of the after -sales service of the merchant before choosing.Sometimes, the underwear is not fit or quality problems, and the after -sales service of merchants is required to solve it.


When buying sexy underwear, you need to learn all relevant information through pictures, including quality, size, color and sexy.Being able to check this order picture in an all -round way to ensure that you can buy good quality sexy underwear.