Sexy underwear show Salao Moda

Sexy underwear show Salao Moda


Salao Moda is one of the largest fashion weeks in Brazil, with many exhibitors showing the latest sexy underwear style.This article will explore the types and trends of sexy underwear displayed on Salao Moda.

The balance between sexy and comfort

A recent trend of sexy underwear is to balance sexy and comfort.This design concept is becoming more and more popular, because women want to not only feel sexy when wearing sexy underwear, but also feel comfortable.The designer achieves this balance by using high -quality materials and more mats.


The sexy underwear industry is becoming more and more international, and Salao Moda is a good example.The exhibitors come from all over the world, showing many sexy underwear of various styles, from the classic European and American styles to the avant -garde design of Japan and South Korea.This diversification allows women to choose different styles that suits them.

Perspective underwear

Perspective underwear is another trend of sexy underwear.Designers like to use transparent materials such as fine yarn or lace to make underwear, leaving people a lot of room for imagination.The design concept of perspective underwear is very popular among different types of sexy underwear.

Sports style

Sports -style sexy underwear is also loved by people.This underwear usually uses comfortable fabrics and loose styles, which is more suitable for active women.Compared with traditional sexy underwear, this style pays more attention to practicality and comfortable dressing.

Lace and detail design

Lace and detail design have recently become a major trend of sexy underwear.Designers use more details and decorations to increase the visual appeal of underwear.For example, they may add some sequins in the chest area, or add some beautiful bow on the connection band.

Color matching

On Salao Moda, we can see a variety of color matching.Some brands will try to use vitality, such as orange and pink, while others use classic black and white.These different color choices provide more choices for women.

Modern design

Modern underwear design is welcomed by more and more women.These underwear usually use simple lines and clean design styles to make women look more modern and avant -garde.

Natural shape underwear

More and more women choose natural shape underwear.These underwear through excessive filling and cushions make the chest more natural, and it looks more comfortable and more realistic.Showing the true beauty of women is the design concept of this sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Salao Moda shows various types of sexy underwear design styles and trends.From the balance between sexy and comfort to the trend of see -through underwear, every woman can find a style that suits them.The future of sexy underwear is full of innovation and diversification, looking forward to more surprises and design that meets women’s needs.

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