Sexy underwear push girl

Sexy underwear push girl


I believe that many women are the essential equipment of many women in sex. Whether it is to surprise men or to increase their sexy charm, sexy underwear can play a good role.For these sex professional institutions in push girls, sexy underwear is even more necessary, because it has the function of eye -catching and flirting, creating a more sexy image for girls.

Push girls and sexy underwear

Pushing the girl has been doing it in China for a long time. Although she is slightly biased up in sexual intercourse, this marketing method has made a good reputation in these years.Push the girl with a variety of clothing, especially sexy underwear to make a lot of fans crazy.People who have a little sexual cognition know that the two dimensions of flirting and eye -catching in sex are very important.The appearance of sexy underwear is to meet these two conditions.Therefore, the combination of pushing girls and sexy underwear makes fans enjoy it.

Frequent erotic underwear types

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The use of sexy underwear is very diverse, which is enough to show that sexy underwear has a very wide plasticity and application scope in the market.So, what are the common type of sexy underwear?


Stockings may be one of the most common sexy underwear.When women use stockings, in addition to increasing their sexy image, they can also make their legs more beautiful.


Lace is also a more common sexy underwear.The lace itself exudes a soft sexy charm. When use, it can make girls more ladylike and increase the distinctive sexy feeling.

Close -up

The material of the personal clothes is usually silk. After women put on this underwear, they have a strong sense of comfort and high sexy. They can outline women’s perfect curves.

Large -scale underwear

Large -scale underwear is a relatively extreme way of experience, which is equivalent to the highest state of sex.When using it, you must have the cooperation of conditions and time, so that women can experience unprecedented sex orgasm.


Selection of sexy underwear

In addition to the type, the size is also a very important part.Because of the inappropriate sexy underwear, it will have a counterproductive effect after wearing it.So, how to choose the appropriate sexy underwear size?

Measure your own size

First, measuring your own size is the most basic step.In this way, you can know what kind of sexy underwear you can wear can achieve the best results.Measure your size is not difficult. As long as you have tape measures, measure it according to some standard size meters.

Consider underwear materials

Sometimes, if the sexy underwear is not selected in the right material, it may occur in the aspects of deformation, shrinking, dyeing.Be sure to pay more attention to small issues in this regard when choosing.


When using sexy underwear, you must also abide by some precautions.Because sexy underwear is a dress that fits the body, if you do not pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, you may bring some hygiene problems.


Cleaning is the most basic step.Generally speaking, the cleaning method of sexy underwear is relatively simple, but it is necessary to pay special attention to choose the correct detergent and temperature to avoid damaging fabrics and dyeing.


In addition, you need to be careful in maintenance.When sexy underwear is not applicable, it should be kept in a dry and ventilated place, otherwise bacteria and mold will breed.

in conclusion

In short, sexy underwear, as a necessary tool in modern sex activities, should be more in -depth in terms of type and use.In the future life, women can try more different types of sexy underwear to achieve the effect of pleasure themselves and men.