Sexy underwear police officer tuning

Sexy underwear police officer tuning

1. Various types of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear refers to a kind of clothing worn in a private part, including various styles and styles.The design and use of sexy underwear are very diverse, which can meet all kinds of desires and needs.

2. The sexy underwear of the police officer tuning theme

The erotic underwear of police officers is a more popular type.This underwear often gives people a sense of authority and control, which is very suitable for couples who like to cooperate with control.Elements such as alarm hats and batons on clothing can effectively enhance the atmosphere and stimulus when playing.

3. Special style: naked, parcel, tie rope, etc.

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The sexual underwear of the police officer is characterized by the sign of the police, and it makes people feel that they are in charge of their spouse after wearing.Among them, it includes special styles such as exposure, parcels, and rope.

4. Applicable crowds: couples who love role -playing and control the desire to control

Police officer’s sexy underwear is suitable for couples who love role -playing and have desire to control.The two can play with each other, and even like to use some punishment measures to stimulate each other.

5. Pay attention to hygiene issues

Because sexy underwear is generally thin, some are even a layer of mesh or lace, so pay special attention to cleaning and hygiene.Timely cleaning after passing, keeping cleaning can improve wearing comfort.

6. Pay attention to underwear size selection

The fun underwear size of different brands and different countries may be different. Be sure to choose the right size.Excessive or small underwear will affect the effect of wearing, and even bring discomfort and affect sexual experience.

7. Match with jewelry and props

The sexy underwear of the police officer can be matched with some related accessories and props, such as alarm sticks, police caps, handcuffs, etc. to achieve better results.Different props can produce different stimuli, increase the process of interest and flirting.

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8. It is recommended to wear it under safe and comfortable conditions

Any sex toys and underwear should be used under safe and comfortable conditions.If the two tried the sexual underwear of the theme of the police officer for the first time, it is recommended to communicate and negotiate with sufficient communication.After the two sides agree, you can put on underwear and play, but be careful not to be injured.

9. Personal experience varies from person to person

Everyone’s different response and feelings of sexy underwear are also different. Some people may be resentment on the theme underwear of police officers, and some people can get fun and stimulus from it.Everyone should fully understand the ideas and needs of themselves and their spouses, and choose the right underwear style according to the actual situation.

10. The fun of fun and sexy underwear in sex

Sex is a private behavior between husband and wife, and a way to express love and desire for each other.The role of erotic underwear is to enhance the fun and taste of sex, making it closer and tacitly tacitly tacit.Therefore, the correct use and enjoyment of sexy underwear have a great effect on improving the quality of husband and wife relationship and increasing sexual blessing.


The sexy underwear of the police officer tuning theme is widely popular in the market, but it is not suitable for everyone.When buying and using sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the hygiene, size, and accessories and props of the underwear. At the same time, you should also pay attention to use it under safe and comfortable conditions.Using sexy underwear can increase the tacit understanding and intimacy between husband and wife, and at the same time, it can also increase sexual blessing.The correct use and selection of sexy underwear can bring more fun and excitement in the process of playing.