Sexy underwear Paper Pictures Large Set

Sexy underwear Paper Pictures Large Set

What is a sexy underwear?

Interest underwear, also known as veil head cover, is a relatively novel sexy underwear.Compared with traditional sexy underwear, it is special in it with a veil to cover the face and increase the sense of mystery and temptation.The veil is generally made of soft fabric, allowing the wearer to feel the silky and tender touch. At the same time, the transparent veil can make people visually stimulate.Interest veil is not only part of sexy dress, but also one of the tools to increase interest.


At present, there are all kinds of erotic underwear veils on the market, and their styles and materials are also different.Here are some popular sexy lingerie head styles:

Transparent love head sleeve

Plus Lace Chemise With Thong – Curvy – 17589

The transparent love head cover is a more classic sexy lingerie veil that can completely show the faces of the wearer.The veil of this hood is usually made of a soft gauze net material. The touch is very smooth, which can increase the visual temptation well.

Lace love head sleeve

The lace love head cover is another classic sexy lingerie veil. The surface is covered with delicate lace lace, making people’s visual experience more attractive.The lace lace is made of embroidery. It is very exquisite and brings a strong feminine charm.

Leather sex head sleeve

Leather sex head sleeve is made of leather materials, suitable for people who like SM and other special gameplay.Wearing this hood can bring a unique visual and sensory experience to the wearer.However, it should be noted that the leather material is not breathable, so avoid it for a long time after wearing it.

Inflatable head cover

Inflatable and fun head cover is a more interesting sexy lingerie veil that can achieve inflatable effects through the internal airbags.The wearer can control the degree of inflation according to his preferences. While increasing the temptation, it also increases some fun.

Sexual Emotion

Sexual feelings are a more teasing sexy lingerie, usually designed for specific occasions, such as the night life between couples.The characteristic of this headhole is that the color is usually more eye -catching and the style is bolder, which will bring a very sexy effect to the wearer.

Plus Tops

How to choose sexy lingerie veils

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose according to your personal hobbies and preferences.For example, if you like a relaxed and happy atmosphere, you can choose an inflatable and fun head; if you like a special gameplay, you can choose a leather head cover.And if you pay more attention to comfort and visual effects, transparent love heads and lace love heads are a good choice.

How to match the sexy lingerie veil

When matched with a sexy lingerie, you need to choose according to the color and style of the clothes.If you choose clothes with deep color, it is recommended to choose a transparent veil; if it is light -colored clothes, you can choose a lace love head cover.At the same time, the veil also needs to be matched with the style of the clothes. It should not be too old or too avant -garde, so as not to affect the overall effect.

Falling underwear veil maintenance

When maintaining the sexy lingerie veil, you need to avoid contact with sharp objects to avoid scratching the veil.At the same time, a mild way is also needed to avoid using too irritating cleaning agents or bleaching agents.It is best to use a special sexy underwear cleaner to clean it to keep the softness and delicateness of the veil headhole.

Fun underwear drooling taboo

As a relatively special sexy underwear, the sexy lingerie needs to follow some taboos to avoid unnecessary damage.First of all, you cannot wear too long to avoid affecting the breathing of the skin. Second, you cannot share it to avoid cross -infection.You should also avoid contact with hot water or heat, and avoid damaging the material of the veil.


Fun underwear veil is a relatively new, interesting and sexy sexy underwear. With its unique design and soft materials, it can bring a very unusual feeling to the wearer.When wearing, pay attention to choosing the right style and matching clothes, and also need to pay attention to maintenance and wear taboos.I hope everyone can find a sexy lingerie veil that suits them and enjoy different sexy experiences and fun.