Sexy underwear open pants clothes

Sexy underwear open pants clothes

What is sexy underwear open stall pants clothes

Interesting underwear open pants, also known as open -stall exposed buttocks, is a sexy, teasing conjoined underwear. It is usually made of lace, gauze, leather or other materials. It has an open crotch designAnd the exposed hip part.It is very suitable for sex games and can also be used as sexy daily underwear.

Style of opening the pants clothes

There are many different styles of opening pants, such as: full transparent open -stall pants, vest -style opening pants, lace opening pants clothes, splicing open -stall pants and so on.Each style has a special design, making you full of fun when choosing.

The advantages of opening the pants clothes

Exposed – Lace Cupless Crotchless Teddy Bodysuit – Y167

There are many advantages of opening pants. First of all, it is quite teasing and sexy. This underwear can make the wearer more charming.Followed by convenience, the open crotch design makes it easier to wear and take off underwear. You can complete the sex game without taking off the entire underwear.In addition, the full -wrap design of the pants clothes can effectively modify the body and make the previously pulled lines more beautiful.

How to match the jumpsuit

You can use a corset without shoulder straps with an open crotch jacket to avoid inappropriate shoulder wrinkles in tights.You can wear high heels to make your body more beautiful.If wearing silk or mesh -like pantyhose, it not only adds a strong color to the entire image, but also adds new vitality to most of the clothes of fashionable women.

Suitable for wearing open pants clothes

Open pants are very good in sex games, and various sexy games can enhance the atmosphere.At the same time, you can also wear on special days, such as Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary and so on.

Maintenance of open pants clothes

Because the fabrics of the pants are relatively soft, they need to be washed very carefully.It is recommended to use hand washing to avoid damage to pants.Before cleaning, be sure to read the washing guide on the product label carefully and obey the cleaning rules to ensure the quality and life of the pants and clothes.

The size of the trousers

The size of the pants jackets is usually the same as that of ordinary underwear. It is generally suitable for women with a height of 150 ~ 170cm and weighing 40 ~ 60kg.However, it is recommended to make tailor -made to ensure that the size is appropriate and comfortable.

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The main points of buying the pants clothes

When choosing to open the pants, you must first ensure that the quality is good, high -quality fabric and strict production can ensure the permeability and comfort of the underwear to the greatest extent.In addition, you must consider your body shape and preferences, and choose the style and size that suits you.

The price of the jumpsuit clothes

The price of open pants is different due to the differences in brands and materials.Generally speaking, the price is between tens of yuan and hundreds of yuan, and the price of underwear of mid -to -high -end brands can even reach thousands of yuan.


Open pants are a sexy, teasing conjoined underwear, which can be performed well in sexy games, and can also be used as sexy daily underwear.When choosing to open the pants, you need to consider factors such as quality, style and size, and correctly washed and maintained.