Sexy underwear open crotch straight into the picture video

Sexy underwear open crotch straight into the picture video

Fun underwear open crotch in: Know the open crotch underwear

In sexy underwear, open crotch underwear is a very popular style. They are usually a tight -fitting jacket with crotch on the hem, which is convenient for sex through them.It is very important to understand open crotch underwear and how to choose and wear them.In this article, we will discuss the different types of open crotch underwear, suitable situation, and how to buy and wear.

Type of open crotch underwear

There are different types of open crotch underwear, such as hanging neck, vest, and conjoined.Among them, the open -crotch -type open crotch underwear is connected by the cloth strip, which can be adjusted freely.The connective open crotch underwear is not completely adjusted. If it is not suitable for your body, it is difficult to adjust again.

The direct use of the open crotch of the sexy underwear and the applicable scenario

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The main use of open crotch underwear is sexual behavior.It can increase sexual fun and meet the needs of toys, flirting, adjusting, and control.Commonly applicable scenarios are sexual parties, sex games, role -playing and business performances.These scenes need to be fresh and exciting. Open crotch underwear can make people feel full of expectations and surprises.

Question and fabrics of sexy underwear open crotch

The material of the open crotch underwear is very critical. Choosing a comfortable and good -breathable material, the silky soft and soft -skinned fabric makes people more confident and generous.Lace, linen and other fabrics are usually used to add unique charm of women.For the most exposed to the skin’s skin, it is cotton fabric. It has stronger breathability and sweat absorption, which is very comfortable and comfortable.

Sexual underwear open crotch in the buying experience

The first thing to consider is the size.Make sure your size is suitable for your body shape, avoid excessive or too small, and affect wearing effects and sexy feelings.Select the brand list, buy genuine products to ensure high quality and reduce hidden safety hazards.When choosing the color, you need to choose the color that suits you according to your personality and temperament, so as to create the perfect body.

Fun underwear open crotch goes straight into the way

Correctly wearing open crotch underwear can not only highlight the beautiful curve of the human body, but also add sexy and charm.However, if the size you choose is not appropriate, you may feel unwell and cramped when you wear.In addition, when wearing, you must pay special attention to how to freely adjust the tension of the open crotch and always maintain a comfort.

The maintenance and maintenance of the open crotch in the sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a high -grade, high -quality sexy lady underwear. In order to keep them novel and novel feelings, normal maintenance and maintenance need to be done.Pay attention to the daily washing. The neutral detergent with no more than 30 ° C with water temperature should not be rubbed too frequently. It takes a gentle way of washing to protect the duration to the greatest extent.

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About the price of sexy underwear open crotch straight in

The price of fun underwear open crotch changes due to different conditions such as its materials, fabrics, and brands.When buying, please ensure that the merchant has a quality -guaranteed store to avoid being influenced by exaggerated publicity.The price of sexy underwear between different businesses is very different. Choosing products with price differences are always the most critical for quality assurance.

End: sexy beauty is only a self -confident woman

In the topic of the open crotch in the fun underwear, we understand the different types of open crotch underwear, suitable situation, and how to buy and wear.Remember, choose the open crotch underwear that suits you, and correctly wear maintenance, can make women have more confident and sexy charm.Therefore, the courage to try to wear open crotch underwear will become more beautiful and confident!