Sexy underwear near Chengdu East Station

Sexy underwear near Chengdu East Station


Chengdu East Station is an important hub of urban transportation, and a large number of people flow through here every day.The nearby commercial street has also become a distribution center for various women’s supplies.This article will introduce a few sexy underwear shops near Chengdu East Station, so you do n’t have to find it.

Shop 1: Black Angel sexy underwear professional shop

Black Angel’s sexy underwear specialty store is located at No. 22, 26 Balizhuang Street, and is only 5 minutes away from Chengdu East Railway Station Metro Pass.The store sells high -quality imported sexy underwear, which is refreshing and the quality is high.

Shop 2: Uniqiang’s sexy underwear shop

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Uniqiang’s sexy underwear store is located at No. 20 attached to No. 48 Balizhuang Street. It only takes ten minutes to walk to Chengdu East Station. The style in the store is rich and diverse. From sweet style to sexy style, it is dizzying.

Shop 3: Beauty Different Falling Underwear Shop

The difference between the beauty of the Mei Differences is located at 101 Zhengtong Shun Street. It is not the closest shop to Chengdu East Station, but it only takes about fifteen minutes. The price is relatively affordable and rich in types.This shop is also the favorite of the majority of students.

Shop 4: Yoga sex underwear shop

Yoga erotic lingerie store is located at No. 14, No. 55, Gennan Street, Dongcheng.Although it is far from Chengdu East Station, this shop is a yoga sex underwear shop, mainly for healthy underwear and sports underwear, and is popular with sports women.

Shop 5: Inko sex underwear shop

Inko’s sexy underwear store is located at No. 5, No. 19, Gennan Street, Dongcheng, and walks for about ten minutes from Chengdu East Railway Station. The stores include all kinds of underwear in Japan’s purchasing underwear, sexy underwear, pajamas, high -end physical stores, and quality assurance.

Shop 6: Furong sex lingerie shop

The Furong Sex Lingerie Shop is located at No. 269, Gennan Street, Dongcheng. It takes about 20 minutes to walk from Chengdu East Station.There are all kinds of sexy underwear and sanitary nursing supplies in the store. The price is affordable and there are many types. Many women buy sexy underwear.


Shop 7: Interesting Mall

The Interest Mall is located at No. 20, Gennan Street, Dongcheng, and it only takes ten minutes to walk from Chengdu East Station.The products in the store are complete and updated quickly, including sexy underwear, sex toys, sex stationery and other erotic supplies. The price is transparent. Each product provides detailed descriptions and pictures to allow customers to trust the shop’s products more.

Shop 8: Flower Show Sexy Underwear Shop

Flower Show’s sexy underwear store is located at 9-10 Glorious Lane. It is far from Chengdu East Station and needs to walk at least 30 minutes.However, the sexy underwear sold in this shop is especially suitable for large breast MM, and it is novel in style, unique sexy, and worthy of money.

Shop Nine: Little Fish Sex Underwear Shop

Xiaoyu’s sexy underwear shop is a shop with both video and entertainment and sexy underwear. It is located at No. 2, No. 56, No. 56, Gennam Street, Dongcheng. It is 10 minutes from Chengdu East Station.HD audio -visuals provide customers with wider demand.

Shop 10: Secret Garden sexy underwear shop

The Secret Garden Focho Lingerie Shop is located at No. 1, No. 67, Genbei Street, Dongcheng, and it takes at least 40 minutes to walk from Chengdu East Station.The sexy lingerie is novel in the store, and it is very suitable for young people.There are also a lot of promotion and discounts in the store. It is recommended to pay attention to business activities before going.

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The above is the introduction of the sexy underwear store near Chengdu East Station, I hope to help you.After all, sexy underwear is also a very popular and popular market. It is also important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.for reference only.