Sexy underwear Nanjing Model Recruitment Group

Sexy underwear Nanjing Model Recruitment Group

What is sexy underwear Nanjing model recruitment group

Quota underwear Nanjing Model Recruitment Group is a recruitment group founded by Nanjing’s sex underwear company. It aims to find a batch of models of warm love underwear culture and have good appearance quality to show and promote sexy underwear products for the company.Because sexy underwear is a combination of sexy, artistic, and stylish, it is necessary to find models with sufficient charm and temperament to show this product.

Recruitment condition

Sexy underwear Nanjing model recruitment group mainly find models with the following conditions:

Women, between 18 and 30 years old

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Height is above 165 cm, and weighs within the range that meets the requirements of height

Good face and good temperament

Have a certain model or performance experience, understand the culture and characteristics of love underwear

Have good professional quality, serious and responsible work attitude, and have the spirit of teamwork

Recruitment process

The recruitment process of sexy underwear Nanjing model recruitment group is mainly divided into the following steps:

Submitting personal information: The models participating in the recruitment need to pass the application link in the group to submit personal profiles and photos, including information such as height, weight, age, work experience, contact information and other information.

Preliminary screening: The company’s recruitment team will initially screen the information of all applicants to select models that meet the recruitment conditions.

Interviews and selection: The qualified models will be arranged to the company’s interview and selection link.This link mainly includes two tests: professional ability and image quality.


Employment training: The selected models will receive professional training, including the sense of music rhythm, basic makeup skills, performance skills, etc.

Work content

The work content of sexy underwear Nanjing model recruitment group mainly includes the following aspects:

Show and publicize sexy underwear products for the company, presenting and demonstration, including video, photos and on -site display.

Participating in the company’s business activities and public relations activities, including receiving customers and participating in various business negotiations.

Participate in the company’s internal training and development plans to improve personal ability and professional quality.


The salary provided by the sexy underwear Nanjing model recruitment group is relatively high, mainly including the following aspects:

Foundation: Recruitment models can enjoy a certain basic salary treatment.

Substance: According to personal performance and sales quota, models can also get certain commission rewards.

Welfare: The company provides a comprehensive employee welfare plan for models, including five insurances and one gold and year -end award.

Development: The company provides a good development platform to provide models with broad professional prospects and development space.


It is not easy to apply for a sexy underwear Nanjing model, but if you meet the recruitment conditions and have good professional quality and professionalism, you can take the following application suggestions to improve your success rate:

Prepare to write a complete personal resume, including your own educational background, work experience, social activities and other content.

Maintain self -confidence and positive, show your own advantages and characteristics as much as possible when participating in interviews and selection.

Understand the culture and characteristics of love underwear, and prepare some exercises and performances in advance.

Make good interaction and cooperation with other applicants to show a positive team spirit.


Fun underwear Nanjing model recruitment group is an important recruitment channel. For applicants who intend to become sexy underwear models, it provides broad development space and opportunities.By joining this recruitment group, through professional training and your own efforts, you can play a better erotic underwear image to expand your career development prospects.