Sexy underwear model Blood Drops

Sexy underwear model Blood Drops

Sexy underwear model Blood Drops

In recent years, the market of sexy underwear has gradually flourished.In the attractive appearance and sexy atmosphere, more and more people are starting to pay attention to sexy underwear and sex products.Among the many sexy underwear models, one name has attracted much attention, that is -blood drip.

Blood Drops and Fun Underwear

The so -called "blood drip" is that after the model puts on sexy underwear, the underwear section secretes red imitation blood secretions from the vagina, as if a blood droplet, thereby achieving the effect of enhancing sexy and stimulating.

The origin of blood droplets

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Blood droplets originated in Japan earlier, and were later introduced into Europe and the United States.This sexy underwear can not only enhance the sexyness of women, but also stimulate men to obtain more satisfaction visually.Due to its unique effect, blood droplets quickly occupied a certain market share in the sex underwear market.

The design principle of blood drops

The design principle of blood droplets is very clever. It adds a device called "Blood Drop Chip" to the panties.This chip forms a circuit through contact with human skin, which produces a red light emitting effect.At the same time, the chip will also release imitation blood secretions when contacting the humid environment.

Types of blood droplets

Basically, all the sexy underwear brands have blood drops, but the blood droplets of different brands have different styles and characteristics, such as Japanese fresh girls and sexy style of Europe and the United States.In addition, according to different needs, blood droplets can also be divided into various styles and types such as underwear, bra, and jackets.

The price of blood droplets

The price of blood droplets will vary depending on the brand, design and material.Generally speaking, the price of ordinary blood droplets is about 30-50 yuan, and high-end design will be more expensive.

How to wear blood droplets

Although the production of blood droplets is very clever, it is very simple to wear.Users only need to put on blood droplets panties.It should be noted that in order to ensure the effect of imitation blood secretions, it is best to avoid excessive swinging or pulling during the wear process.

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Precautions for Blood Drops

Although the blood drops seem to be very exciting, they still need to pay attention to some matters when used:

It is best to use it with sexual partners.

Disinfection before use.

Wash and disinfect in time after use.

For people with allergies, it is best to conduct allergies in advance.

The influence of blood droplets on the sexy underwear market

It can be said that the appearance of blood droplets in the sex underwear market has injected new blood into the market.Through the unique design and high sexuality, blood droplets have attracted more and more people to pay attention to and buy sexy underwear, which has promoted the booming market.


As a creative design in the sexy underwear market, blood droplets have brought unique experience and feelings.But in use, we still need to pay attention to ensure its safety and hygiene.It is hoped that with the continuous development of the sexy underwear market, blood droplets can be one of the choices that more people pursue stimulus and sexy.