Sexy underwear live with goods

Sexy underwear live with goods

Sexy underwear live with goods

Introduce the characteristics of the product

When conducting live underwear live broadcast and cargo, we must first introduce the characteristics of the product to the audience.It can be introduced from the aspects of styles, materials, design, etc. to attract the attention of the audience.

Emphasize solving problems

Let the audience understand what problems can this sexy underwear solve.It can start from the perspective of beauty, sexy, and self -confidence, so that the audience can realize the practicality of the product.

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More advantageous and disadvantage

When introducing this sexy underwear, you can also compare with other brands or products.Highlight the advantages and characteristics of the product, making it easier for the audience to decide to choose the product.

Tell the story

Telling the story of the product, as an expert in erotic underwear, you can share the design stories, brand backgrounds, etc. of some products, so that the audience can better understand and trust the product.

Share and use experience

As an expert in sex underwear, share your experience and feelings of using the product. At the same time, you can invite some users to share their experience and deepen the audience’s identity.

Emphasize original design

If this sexy underwear is an original design of its own brand, it can be emphasized during the introduction.Tell the audience that this is a unique design, so that they feel that they have a different sexy underwear.

Demonstration dressing effect

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You can ask the model to conduct a demonstration on the spot to show the sexy and beautiful effects of sexy underwear, so that the audience can better understand the product’s dressing effect.

Emphasize applicable occasions

When introducing sexy underwear, you can also indicate applicable occasions, such as dating and party peers.Let the audience better understand which occasions can be wearing this sexy underwear.

Share interact with the audience

In the live broadcast, you can carry out interaction with the audience, answer their questions, understand their ideas and needs, and interact with the audience at the same time to increase the viscosity and interaction of the audience.

Summarize promotion information

At the end of the live broadcast, you can summarize the promotion information, including the product purchase method, price discounts, etc.You can also provide some social media sharing links, allowing viewers to share their purchase experience and use experience with more people.


Fun underwear live broadcast and cargo require professional skills and experience. I hope that these words can help sex underwear experts better live broadcast and bring the goods.When introducing products, pay attention to practicality and personalization, let the audience understand the characteristics and advantages of the real product, and achieve high -quality live broadcast and cargo effect.