Sexy underwear Japanese

Sexy underwear Japanese

Sexy underwear Japanese

With the development of globalization, consumer demand has become diversified.In a modern society, mysterious, sexy, and romantic underwear has been accepted and pursued by more and more people in recent years.And the purchase of sexy underwear is not only to increase the effect of interest, but also to make women show self -confidence and beauty.On the occasion of various sexy lingerie, Japanese knowledge has become an indispensable foundation.The following will introduce the Japanese terms of sexy underwear.

1. シ ク ジェ ー ラ ン ー リ ー (Sexy Lingerie)

"ラ ク シ ー ラ ン セ リ ー" refers to sexy underwear, which is sexy and mysterious hardness.It is often used for special occasions such as sexy gathering or romantic dating.

2. ド ー (ー ル (babydoll)

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"ル ー ド ー ル" is a style similar to a dress. It is usually made of transparent lace or chiffon, which can show women’s body curve.This underwear is very suitable for women to show freshness in bed.

3. Garter Set (Garter Set)

"セ ー セ ー” ッ ト "is a kind of underwear suit, including bra, belt, and hanging bars, which is especially suitable for wearing in sexy parties or weddings.


"一 リ 是" is a very light pajama, which is often used to prolong interest. It causes sexy effects through a soft, light and looming feeling.

5. Stocking (Stocking)

"ス ト ッ キ ン 一" is a woman wearing socks that have tightening, warmth and beauty.If you match with other erotic underwear, it looks more sexy.

6. Buckle Bra

"バ ッ ク ル ル ラ" is a kind of underwear with high hardness. The buckle design on the chest can improve the sexy feeling of the breast, and it is more suitable for sexy gathering and other activities.



"カ ー カ ン” ッ ト "means that the tailoring is special. Usually the pants or panties at the bottom are open, which can show women’s body curves and sexy.


"シ ー ム タ ス プ イ プ" refers to seamless sexy underwear, which can better fit women’s skin. The colors and styles are relatively simple and suitable for daily wear.

9. Lingerie Set (Lingerie Set)

"ラ ン ー リ ー ジェ ッ ト" refers to the underwear suit (except hanging sticks), which usually includes bra and underwear.This underwear combination is a very commonly used woman.

10. ク ロ ッ し な し

"ク チ ッ チ な し" usually means that the bottom of the women’s underwear is not convenient to wear, and special occasions in the dressing room are more suitable for use.

in conclusion

Through the introduction of this article, we understand the Japanese terms of sexy underwear. These words are very helpful when women choose sexy underwear.Choosing a underwear that suits you, with necessary terms on the right occasion, can add more self -confidence and beauty to women.