Sexy underwear gathers a lot

Sexy underwear gathers a lot

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Interest underwear is an indispensable element in modern women’s fashion life. Whether it is daily wear or special occasions, sexy underwear can make women more sexy and charming.And this article will focus on explaining the characteristics of a sexy underwear, that is, gathered, hoping to provide some references for you when choosing sexy underwear.

1. What is the effect of gathering

The gathering effect refers to the concentration of the chest underwear to form a feeling of "crowded", which makes the cleavage deeper, the chest is fuller, and the chest size is visually increase.The key to achieving the effect of gathering is to choose the right sexy underwear type.

Second, the difference between ordinary underwear and sexy underwear

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Ordinary underwear only maintains the basic form and support of the chest, while sexy underwear pays more attention to beauty and sexy.Sex underwear is usually designed with thick pads to make the chest more concentrated.At the same time, sexy underwear also has elastic fabrics and suitable sizes, so as to better show the female body curve.

Third, the gathering effect of the triangular cup sexy underwear

Triangular Cup sexy underwear is one of the most significant styles of gathering effects.Its cup is smaller, and the distance between the two cups is closer, which can make the chest more naturally "together" together, thereby forming a deeper cleavage.In addition, the Triangle Cup has fewer "steel rings" design of the original underwear, making it more comfortable and natural.

Fourth, thickened cup of sexy underwear gathering effect

The thick cup sexy underwear is the opposite of the triangular cup erotic lingerie. Its cup shape is large and the design has thick pads, so as to improve the chest upwards and form a three -dimensional chest shape.At the same time, most of the thick cups of sexy underwear are also equipped with wing design, so that the chest will not be revealed, which is more perfect.

Five, the aging effect of the bray sexy underwear

The bras and sexy underwear are traditional sexy lingerie styles. Its gathering effect mainly relies on the design of "receiving auxiliary milk".This style of the underwear cup is relatively wide and can store pair of breasts. At the same time, adjustment and deduction are used on the wing and back to make the gathering effect more obvious.

6. Gathering effect of no trace of sexy underwear

Sales -free sexy underwear is one of the favorite of modern women. Its gathering effect comes from the design concept of non -trace weaving technology and "soft" design concept.No trace sexy underwear uses non -trace weaving technology, reducing traces and discomfort, and rich sizes and models to choose from, so that women who lack confidence can also wear themselves without worrying about exposing traces or restraint.


7. How to choose the right sexy underwear

Choosing the right sexy underwear requires multiple factors, including body, temperament, style, etc.First, determine your own bust and size to choose the right model.In addition, pay attention to the choice of fabrics. High -quality fabrics can better display women’s figures, and they are also softer and more comfortable.Finally, according to your own temperament and style, you must choose the color and details of the matching, so that the entire dressing shape is more harmonious and beautiful.

Eight, conclusion

Interest underwear is an essential element in women’s lives, and the gathering effect is one of the important needs of women when wearing unique occasions.Through the appropriate style selection and details, women can show their figure more confident and beautiful, and become charming women.