Sexy underwear flow water line equipment

Sexy underwear flow water line equipment

Sexy underwear flow water line equipment

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is becoming more and more sought after by modern women, not only because of their sexy and humor, but more importantly, they emphasize the beauty and sexy of women’s bodies, and show these beauty through a series of design and materials.In this trend, manufacturers need to create a large amount of sexy underwear, and this requires high -efficiency production lines to support this demand.In this article, we will explore how the sexy underwear water line equipment supports large -scale production of sexy underwear.

2. Cutting machine

First of all, the first workstation of the assembly line is usually cutting machine.The cutting machine is a machine that helps workers to quickly and accurately cut out the appropriate size template on a large amount of fabric.For a sexy underwear, as many as ten templates may be needed.This means that the entire assembly line requires a set of efficient cutting machines to ensure productivity and time utilization.

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3. Sewing machine

Next is a sewing machine, which is also the most critical part of the sex lingerie production line.The sewing machine is sewed by the cloth and the cutting of the needle to form the basic appearance and internal structure of the underwear.The sewing machine requires fast, high accuracy, and strong stability.Therefore, some factories will choose high -end sewing machines to ensure production and quality.

4. Walking machine

The bordering machine is a key link on the fun underwear production line. It is responsible for handling the edges of the fabric neatly, making the underwear look more beautiful and clean.In addition, the use of lines of different colors can play a certain decorative role.

5. Shoulder pad machine

The design of many erotic underwear uses a cup with shoulder pads to increase the height and three -dimensional sense of the chest.The shoulder pad is the machine that sews these shoulder pads into the cup.The design of the shoulder pads needs to be done quickly and accurately, and the differences between the size and the thickness of the shoulder pad should be able to cope with the size of different cups.

6. Ribbon

The webbing machine is responsible for creating a band and shoulder strap of sexy underwear.For different design needs, you need to use different width, length, color and texture belt type.The webbing machine can help workers quickly create these bands and have automatic cutting functions.

7. Adhesive


In some cases, two or more components need to be glued together to form a "seamless" effect.For example, the edge of some sexy underwear needs to be formed by adhesion.The adhesive is a machine that can bond different types of fibers and materials in a short period of time.

8. Packaging machine

The last workstation of the assembly line is a packaging machine.Once all underwear is made, the packaging opportunities will be collected and classified in strict accordance with the size, style and color in order to use it during sale or transportation.

9. Conclusion

Under a high -speed and high -precision production environment, various machines and equipment on the sex underwear production line play a vital role.These tools can quickly and accurately create sexy underwear with different sizes and decorative effects, and support manufacturers to succeed in the market.