Sexy underwear dew point

Sexy underwear dew point

Sexy underwear dew point

Sexy underwear is a kind of female private clothing, which can improve the quality of sexy and sexual dialogue in women. Among them, the dew point style is welcomed by many female consumers.The following will introduce the concepts, types, methods, and precautions of sexy underwear dew points.

Dew point type

1. Full transparency

Full transparent dew point underwear is the most eye -catching one. It is troublesome whether it is underwear replacement or dressing.Pay attention to the quality of this underwear, because bad fabrics are easily damaged.Yellow, dark red transparent underwear F and G cup are more suitable.

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2. Local transparency

Local transparent underwear is a type of dew point underwear. It can reveal a little skin or lines in the protruding part, such as milk stickers, briefs and Japanese butterfly pants.When wearing, pay attention to the coordination of the underwear and the overall matching, otherwise it is not easy to cause beauty.

3. Low collar, short models

Low collar and short underwear can highlight the female chest and waist curve, but it is not transparent.Some low -necked underwear can even expose cleavage and chest.This underwear is suitable for high -waist strap socks, which can show your figure more perfectly.

4. Hollow

Hollow underwear is an underwear that can reveal the skin, and a gap will form between underwear and chest.Because it revealed less skin, it is suitable for pleased its wife.

Method of dressing

1. Pay attention to matching

Before wearing your favorite erotic underwear, you must carefully consider whether it is coordinated with your own wear and occasions.If you don’t want to fall into the point of "wearing flowers" and "I haven’t thought about what to wear", it is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

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2. Good quality

When buying, pay attention to the quality of the underwear, tightness, and avoid problems such as uncomfortable wear and marks.For dew point underwear, good quality can avoid falling off.

3. The makeup should be exquisite

Exquisite makeup and shapes can make underwear more conspicuous, especially in key parts that require more fine makeup and shaping.


1. Suitable for your size

The choice of dew dot underwear should pay attention to whether the size is appropriate, which may be tight, but don’t be overly wrapped, let alone too wide.If the underwear is not suitable for looseness, it is easy to lose beauty.

2. Don’t wear a long time

Due to the tight dew -point underwear, it is easy to cause scarness when wearing too long, excessive movement or sweating, which is not good for physical health.It is recommended not to wear more than four hours.


Falling lingerie dew point is a way to show women’s sexy and charm. Pay attention to the right occasion, do not wear too long.However, no matter when, women’s comfort and health are always the first.