Sexy underwear COS Komoshi

Sexy underwear COS Komoshi

Background introduction

Recently, Ogiyoshi became the new darling of the sexy underwear Cosplay.She successfully merged the sexy underwear with Cosplay, attracted the attention and sought after by many people.Below, let’s take a look at Ogi Yangze’s sexy underwear cosplay.

Interest underwear type

Interest underwear includes many types: bikini, lace, bellybands, underwear, net socks, hanging socks, and so on.Different types of sexy underwear can show different styles and sexy levels.Xiaoyangze chose some sexy and sexy underwear to show his body for cosplay.

Bikini sexy underwear cosplay

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Bikini is a very common sexy lingerie style.Komisawa chose a dark bikini sexy underwear for COSPLAY. This sexy underwear is very simple, with only one triangle and two thin bands.However, because Xiaoyangze’s figure is quite good, such a sexy underwear shows a special charm on her.

Lace sexy underwear cosplay

Lace erotic underwear is very popular because lace is a very feminine material.Xiaoyangze chose a black lace sexy underwear for Cosplay. This sexy underwear is full of sexy and mysterious atmosphere, which increases the charm of Xiaoyangze.

Stomato sexy underwear cosplay

Belly pocket sexy underwear is a very special underwear style, with only a small triangle covering the chest.Xiaoyangze chose a purple bellyband sexy underwear for cosplay. This kind of sexy underwear is full of strong exotic style, which is very suitable for Xiaoyangze’s image.


Underwear is a sexy underwear worn outside the flesh.Xiaoyangze chose a black underwear for cosplay. This sexy underwear can not only modify the figure of Xiaoyangze, but also show her skin texture.

Net socks sex underwear cosplay

Net socks are a kind of sexy underwear that can show the skin of the calf part.Xiaoyangze chose a black net socks for cosplay. This sexy underwear allowed Xiaoyangze to show his long and charming legs.


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Stockings are a sexy underwear that keeps socks on the root of the thighs.Xiaoyangze chose a white strap to cosplay. This kind of sexy underwear made Xiaoyangze look more delicate and cute.

European and American sexy underwear cosplay

European and American sexy underwear is a very special sexy underwear, which is characterized by the elements of European and American culture.Xiaoyangze chose some European and beautiful underwear for COSPLAY. This style of sexy underwear can show her fashionable atmosphere.

Asian sexy underwear cosplay

Asian sexy underwear is a sexy underwear full of Asian cultural elements.Xiaoyangze chose some Asian sexy underwear for cosplay, making her image more oriental.

The essence of sexy underwear cosplay

The most important point of sexy underwear COSPLAY is to choose the right style, and choose a sexy lingerie style that can show your figure.Xiaoyangze knew this very much. He chose the right sexy underwear for cosplay, which achieved the best results.

in conclusion

Xiaoyangze’s sexy underwear cosplay let us see the charm of sexy underwear, and also let us see the charm of cosplay.Whether it is sexy underwear or cosplay, as long as you know how to choose suitable for you, you will definitely show the best results.