Sexy underwear butterfly machine

Sexy underwear butterfly machine

1. What is a sexy underwear butterfly machine?

The sexy underwear butterfly machine is a specially designed underwear. There is a vibrator built in it, which is usually powered by the battery. The frequency and strength of the vibrator can be controlled by the remote control.This kind of sexy underwear is usually used by women to use it alone or with a partner to increase the stimulus and pleasure of sexual life.

2. The type of sexy underwear butterfly machine

Fun underwear butterfly machines can usually be divided into two types: one is an external butterfly machine, and the other is the inner -type butterfly machine.The external butterfly machine is usually composed of two roughly equal parts. The shape looks like the wings of the butterfly. The two parts can be squeezed around the nipple or clitoris, which stimulates the sensitive parts by the vibrator.The inner butterfly machine is more portable, usually similar to ordinary briefs, but has a built -in vibrator.

3. Choose the factors that should be considered when selecting a sexy underwear butterfly machine

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When choosing a sexy underwear butterfly machine, the following factor should be considered:

Is the strength and frequency of the vibrator suitable for individual needs;

Is the size of the underwear suitable for personal body;

Whether the material of the underwear is soft, comfortable, and easy to clean;

How is the battery type and electricity and whether the battery needs to be replaced frequently.

4. What should be noticed when using a sexy underwear butterfly machine

When using a sexy underwear butterfly machine, you should pay attention to the following:

Understand the operation method of the vibrator, and constantly adjust the frequency and intensity to meet personal needs;

It must be cleaned before use to avoid causing bacterial infections;


Appropriate lubricants should be used during use to avoid pain and discomfort;

Follow the use of the product manual to ensure the safety of the product.

5. The benefits of sexy underwear butterfly machines to women

Fun underwear butterfly machine can bring a variety of benefits, including:

Stimulate the sensitive parts, bring a strong sexual pleasure;

Improve sexual desire and sexual excitement;

Bring stronger orgasm and a more pleasant sexual life experience;

It can help women get rid of the trouble of sexual fantasy and better enjoy sexual life.

6. The benefits of sexy underwear butterfly machines to partners

In addition to the benefits of women, the sexy underwear butterfly machine can also bring the following benefits to the partner:

Can increase the sexual interaction and interest between husband and wife;

Can stabilize the emotional relationship between husband and wife and reduce the incidence of extramarital affairs;

It can help men better understand women’s sexual needs, so as to better meet the needs of women;

You can let your partner understand the other party’s physical response and improve your intimacy.

7. How to choose a sexy underwear butterfly machine as a gift

If you want to give you a fun underwear butterfly machine as a gift to your partner, you can consider the following factors:

Understand the sexual preferences and needs of partners;

Consider the body size of the partner, choose the right underwear size;

Consider your own economic tolerance and choose products with moderate prices;

When giving a gift for your partner, you must be considerate, respect and understand the partner to avoid embarrassment or discomfort.

8. Precautions and quality assurance

When buying a sexy underwear butterfly machine, you also need to pay attention to some matters:

Buy products only in regular channels;

Pay attention to the quality and safety of the product;

Do not share erotic underwear butterflies to avoid infectious diseases or bacterial infections;

Women choose the scientific mouth of the internal fitted underwear

9. Sexual experience does not only rely on appliances

Although the sexy underwear butterfly machine can greatly improve the sexual experience, it is worth noting that it is not all sex.In fact, the fun underwear butterfly machine is only part of the whole process of sex, and more importantly is interaction, emotion and communication.Only through communication and understanding can we achieve mutual satisfaction and happiness.

10. Summary

Fun underwear butterfly machine can bring excitement, joy and interaction, and is part of today’s sex culture.However, when choosing a sexy underwear butterfly machine, you need to pay attention to personal preferences, materials, use methods, safety and other factors.At the same time, sexy underwear butterfly machines cannot replace emotions and communication. Finding each other’s satisfaction and happiness in sexual life requires true feelings, responsibilities and respect.