Sexy underwear AV work number

Sexy underwear AV work number


In recent years, sexy underwear is no longer just pure sex supplies, but also a representative of fashion and culture. Many clothing designers in different countries and regions have incorporated interest underwear into their creative category.At the same time, sexy underwear has also become an indispensable role among many AV works.

Interesting underwear in AV works

Among the many AV works, the use of sexy underwear can not only create more visual stimulus and interest atmosphere, but also better highlight the sexy and tempting temperament of the heroine.Therefore, sexy underwear has become one of the essential elements of many AV works.


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Among the many AV works, each work will have its own number. This number is also called the number.Generally, this number contains some specific meanings.Some erotic underwear brands or series will also be part of the number.

The application of sexy underwear brands in AV works

In AV works, sexy underwear from different brands or series will have different effects and applications.For example, in some Japanese AV works, the brand "Braletic" or its key event "Bralettic Day" often becomes the focus of attention, and its interesting underwear has therefore become the favorite of many Japanese women.

Drama with sex underwear

The sexy underwear used in many AV works is often a dramatic element.These underwear will penetrate the plot of the work in depth and synergistic with other elements of the story, so as to bring richer visual and emotional levels to the entire work

Girls’ Sexy Lords

Girls’ sexy underwear is a very popular style.It emphasizes the sexy sexy, usually the collection of elements such as tulle materials, lace and bow.This type of sexy underwear often appears in AV works, and is loved by many audiences.

Sexy suit

Sexy suits are a more comprehensive sexy underwear series, including a variety of styles, such as sexy underwear, bra and conjoined underwear.This type of sexy underwear usually integrates the sexy and curious atmosphere, which is more likely to attract the attention of the audience.


Cat Women’s Sex Plagmers

Cat women’s sexy underwear is a sexy underwear style with design elements such as cat ears and cat tails.In AV works, this type of sexy underwear is often used to create a cute and charming atmosphere of a heroine.In addition, cats and women’s sexy underwear is more special than other types of sexy underwear, which is one of the focus of the attention of many audiences.

The charm of red underwear

Among the many sexy lingerie, red is one of the most attractive and sexy colors.Some special AV works also use red underwear as one of the important characters.Moreover, when using red underwear, the dual effects of sexy and romantic are easier to improve.

The feeling of black underwear

Black underwear is also very popular in the sexy underwear series.Black represents mysterious, noble and sexy.In AV works, black underwear is usually used to highlight the maturity and charming temperament of the heroine.Using black underwear can create a relatively cold atmosphere, which brings different feelings and iconic characteristics to the entire AV work.


Interest underwear has an indispensable role in AV works.Proper use of sexy underwear can better create the atmosphere and enhance the enthusiasm and experience of the audience.However, as an audience, we should still choose the corresponding erotic underwear and AV works according to personal taste and taste.