Sexy underwear attribute words


In the sales of sexy underwear, the correct description and marketing skills plays a vital role.The understanding of the classification and attribute words of sexy underwear is very helpful to effectively attract potential customers, self -marketing, and improve satisfaction.In this article, we will discuss common sexual word attribute words.


Lace lace is a design element commonly used in sexy underwear.It can make underwear more feminine charm and romantic atmosphere.Lace lace knitting on fibroma can make the underwear softer and more breathable.


Transparent design is generally used for sexy sexy underwear, which can fully display the curve of the body.There are many different forms of transparent design, such as transparent gauze, mesh and hollow design.However, it should be noted that excessive transparency will affect the practicality and warmth of the underwear.


The suspenders are usually used in vest underwear or conjoined underwear, which are stretched and stable.The camisole can be adjusted to loose tightness, suitable for people of different chest types.Especially in summer, the suspender underwear can be better breathable and reduce the feeling of sweltering.


Thin sexy underwear is often used in tight clothes, such as tight skirts, dresses, etc.Thin underwear will be more breathable and reduce the bondage of underwear on underwear.Especially in the summer, it is more suitable to choose thin sexy underwear.


The sexy underwear with a slit has a higher sexy charm.The slit design allows buyers to better show their beautiful figure.At the same time, the slit design also needs to pay attention to moderate, excessive exposure makes people feel uncomfortable.

Mini push back

The mini push back can make the buyer better show the advantages of his figure.This sexy underwear is usually more suitable for women with small breasts, because mini push back can create a better sense of plump.


Sleeveless underwear is suitable for summer wearing. The design without sleeves can make the underwear more breathable.The sleeveless design is more comfortable than other designs and is more convenient to wear.


Comfort is one of the important criteria for choosing sexy underwear.If the underwear is not suitable, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to users.Therefore, choosing comfortable underwear is the basis for ensuring user experience.


Appropriateness refers to the degree of fit and physical fitness.If the buyer chooses not matching the size, it will bring trouble for themselves.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, the size matching is very critical. You must choose the size that suits you.


The above is a common sexual word attribute word.When selling and selecting sexy underwear, consumers can refer to these words and choose underwear to approach their needs.Whether it is sexy or adaptable, a good sexy underwear must meet these standards.

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