Sexy lingerie Line live broadcast and cargo video

Sexy lingerie Line live broadcast and cargo video


With the development of e -commerce, online shopping has become more and more popular, but many customers still prefer to buy offline purchases for products with high privacy underwear.Serve.

Why do we do live broadcast?

Traditional sexy underwear shops have certain limitations in display products and services, such as placing positions, space size, personnel quality, and so on.The live broadcast of goods can show the product more flexible and comprehensive, and at the same time, it can also solve the communication problems of some sensitive topics. Therefore, sex underwear shops began to try to make offline live video.

What are the advantages of live broadcast video?

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Interesting underwear stores in Europe and the United States have begun to use live broadcasts to sell goods to sell products, because live broadcasts have the following advantages: live broadcast and goods have the following advantages:

Dual channels for online and offline, which is convenient for consumers to communicate and purchase with stores

Through live broadcast, consumers can understand the quality, styles, details of the product more comprehensive and intuitively

The interactivity of the live broadcast is strong, consumers can ask questions at any time, and at the same time they can get fast answers

How to shoot live broadcast video?

Pay attention to the following points of live broadcast video:

The shooting environment must be clean and tidy, the shooting angle must be reasonable to ensure comfortable observation

The anchor should be fully prepared, remember the characteristics and details of the product, and have good speech ability

Do not have too much brand promotion, so that consumers are bored

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Since it is a sexy underwear, it will inevitably involve some private topics. The anchors need to be able to respond properly these issues. At the same time, pay attention to communication with consumers

Case analysis of live broadcast and goods

The following cases for a sexy underwear shop successfully use live broadcasts:

For the existing customers: announce the live address in the existing customer group, attract enthusiasts to buy interactive purchases, and improve the quality of shopping channels

For new customers: The anchor introduces the characteristics of the store and the business concept through the live broadcast to increase the popularity of the store and the credibility of the service

The risk and problem of live broadcast and cargo

Live and bringing goods is not everything. The common problems are:

The anchor may be inappropriate, or it is difficult to answer or deal with some questions, which hurts the image and reputation of the store

Sometimes consumers feel cold about live broadcasts.For example, do not like video quality or anchor image, etc., forcing the store to pay attention to infrastructure

The particularity of sexy underwear products is likely to touch public ethics, affecting the image

How to solve the above problems?

The solution is as follows:

Improve the free training level of the anchor, give the anchor more words and certain consumer psychology knowledge, and enhance consumers’ trust in trust

From the design of the service framework, enhance the user experience, and pay more attention to the warmth of shopping users

Reduce the discussion of privacy elements such as taste, odor, demand storage method, and scratch, pay attention to more objective elements, and build a good purchase atmosphere


Interesting underwear shops should seize the opportunity of live broadcast and bring in, and deeply dig its potential.By strengthening the training of anchors and reducing some errors in speaking, it can solve the problems and risks of live broadcasts, and improve the credibility and brand value of the store.