Sexy lingerie handcuffs

Sexy lingerie handcuffs

Understand love lingerie handcuffs

There are many types of sexy underwear toys, and handcuffs can be described as one of the best.In the fun experience, handcuffs are usually used in scenes such as role -playing, restraint.Each handcuffs have a specific design and purpose. Today we will understand the sexy lingerie handcuffs.

Factors that should be considered

When buying handcuffs, we need to consider some factors.First, material.Generally speaking, handcuffs are mainly made of metal, leather, silicone and other materials. Each material has different characteristics. We can choose the appropriate material according to our own needs.

Second, model.There are many types of handcuffs, such as pure metal handcuffs, transparent silicone handcuffs, etc. Of course, there are some special design handcuffs, such as skull handcuffs, starry sky handcuffs, and so on.

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Understand the classification of handcuffs

Handcuffs can also be carried out in specific classification.Sexy lingerie handcuffs are mainly divided into the following categories:

Basic types

Basic type handcuffs refer to the most common handcuffs. The material is generally metal or leather, which is suitable for beginners’ opening of interest experience.


Reinforced handcuffs are relatively strong, usually metal or wire.It is suitable for high -binding requirements in the fun experience, with excellent security and tensile resistance.

Music handcuff

Music handcuffs can flicker with the rhythm of music with the change of emotion.The design can be played more creative, such as the shape and appearance of the key are similar to music.Simple and convenient operation, suitable for personalized and creative deployment.

Electronic handcuff

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Electronic handcuffs refer to the handcuffs of the battery, which can achieve vibration or other interesting functions through keys or remote controls.Most of the electronic handcuffs are made of silicone, so the feel is softer and can adapt to more sexual gameplay.


When choosing handcuffs, you need to pay attention to the following points:

First, you must understand the material.If there are electrical equipment inside the music or electronic handcuffs, you need to pay attention to the replacement of the battery and the safety of the external wearing material.

Second, we must understand the size.The size of the handcuffs is divided into diameter and length, and you should choose according to the size of your wrist to avoid uncomfortable during use.

Finally, when choosing handcuffs, you must consider safety. It is best to choose sexy lingerie handcuffs that have been passed in international certification to ensure safety and reliability.


By understanding the above content, we can better geographically solve the classification and selection standards of lingerie handcuffs.When choosing a handcuffs, you need to choose according to your own needs and preferences, and you must also pay attention to safety and legitimacy.

Proper use of sexy lingerie handcuffs can increase fun in sex life, improve the emotional relationship between the two parties, and feel more fun and emotional experience.