Sexy lingerie, Europe and the United States

Sexy lingerie, Europe and the United States

Sexy lingerie, Europe and the United States

Interest underwear is one of the popular categories. European and American sexy underwear has unique design and sexy characteristics, and has become the first choice for many women.In this article, we will introduce some characteristics and styles of some European and American sexy underwear to help you better understand this category and provide inspiration for your dress choices.

First one: hollow sex sexy chest

The hollow design is a common type in European and American sexy underwear. It uses a special yarn and technology to hollow out some areas of the underwear to form a beautiful and sexy flower type.This bra is not only sexy, but also very comfortable, suitable for long -term wear.If you want to show your beautiful breast curve and sexy charm, cutout sexy bras will be your best choice.

Paragraph 2: lace conjunction set

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Conjusational set is another special style of European and American sexy underwear. It is usually made of lace as the main material, which is both sexy and elegant.The conjoined design makes the upper and lower body more coherent, coupled with the touch of the lace material and the exquisite carving technology, making you an absolutely charming landscape.

Third paragraph: three points

Three -point sexy underwear is the most representative of European and American sexy underwear. It includes three parts: underwear, bra and gloves.This kind of sexy underwear is extremely sexy. It is not only suitable for the interaction of beds between couples, but also can be used as a separate clothing.There are many types of three -point sexy underwear, and you can choose according to your needs and temperament.

Fourth paragraph: satin lingering pantyhose

Supreme pantyhose is another characteristic design in European and beautiful underwear, while satin fabrics have more noble temperament.This erotic underwear uses the texture of silk, lace, and see -through sex, showing the elegance and charming of women.If you like this type of pantyhose with five -color and gorgeous sense, it can make you more feminine.

Fifth paragraph: Net yarn irregular skirt

There are many skirts or shirts with slings, back -off and perspective as the main design elements in European and American sexy underwear.The irregular length and size make these underwear look more natural, smooth and rational.The fabric of the mesh giving a sense of casualness and affinity.Suitable for women who love freedom and rebellion.

Sixth paragraph: Metal material beam vest

Body vest is another interesting design in European and beautiful underwear. It uses fabrics with metal rods, which can wrap the body tightly without squeezing the internal organs, making you more beautiful and comfortable.This body vest looks strange, but it breaks the design of traditional underwear and corset, which is more comfortable and free.


Seventh paragraph: inflatable set

Inflatable sexy underwear is a very creative and interesting style. Its design comes from it that it can make women become a giant balloon after putting on.This underwear is generally composed of three parts: band, head iron and inflatable bag, which allows women to have a more free and open sexual experience.Not only can increase interest and mood, but also stimulate the human body’s various senses.

Eighth: Flat Sexy Tree Tree

Flavors are a combination of traditional and sexy elements. It is usually black or white. It uses a tassel cardigan and lace material to perfectly combine the temperament of ladies and mature women.This pants can not only make women’s leg curves more charming, but also create a free, relaxed and casual atmosphere.

In short, European and American sexy underwear has a unique design and various styles, which can help women show their beauty and sexy, and experience a more free and interesting sex life.Whether you want to increase interest or show your charm, European and American sexy underwear is an excellent choice.