Sexy Shooting Recruitment

Sexy Shooting Recruitment

Introduce operation recruitment

As a sexy underwear network, we have been looking for talented and capable talents to join our team.As our business is expanding, we now need an operating manager to assist us in managing all websites and sales activities.

Responsibilities and requirements

As the operating manager of the sex underwear network, you will be responsible for supervising and coordinating the operation and sales activities of all websites.You need to have rich experience in Internet and e -commerce, be able to cooperate with team members, and formulate and implement publicity plans for the company.

Job Responsibilities

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Your task includes but not limited to the following aspects:

Supervise the daily operation of the website to ensure the accuracy of the website content update and the accuracy of shelf management

Formulate sales strategies and publicity plans to attract and maintain customers

Management team members, ensure that they reach sales goals and promote teamwork

Communicate with suppliers, improve supply chain and inventory management

Job Requirements

We need the following position requirements:

With Internet and e -commerce experience, it can quickly adapt to new technologies and dynamics

With the experience of the management team, it can motivate employees to achieve sales goals

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Be able to formulate sales and publicity plans to achieve marketing goals

With excellent communication and interpersonal skills, it can communicate with suppliers and customers


Our full -time employees enjoy the following benefits:

Excellent salary and adjustment, and adjust according to the performance assessment

Complete medical insurance and accident insurance

Healthy and beneficial work and life balance

Provide you with fast career development and personal growth opportunities

how to apply

If you meet our position requirements and job responsibilities, please send your resume to our recruitment mailbox.We will handle your application and screen the appropriate candidate as soon as possible.


This location is a recruitment of our legitimate and normal sexy underwear auction sites.We hope that this career opportunity can provide you with fast career and personal growth.We look forward to cooperating with excellent talents to provide better products and services for our customers.