Sexy ancient costumes and sexy underwear

Sexy ancient costumes and sexy underwear

Sexy ancient costumes and sexy underwear


Instant clothing sexy underwear is a beauty and sexy underwear. It is characterized by injecting modern design concepts and technologies on the basis of retaining ancient costumes.These underwear styles from the Ming and Qing Dynasties to the Tang and Song dynasties include cotton, silk, hemp, etc. The elegant style, fashionable and luxurious, can allow women to show their unique temperament and charm when wearing.Below we will start from the aspects of styles, design, and matching to introduce you in detail the ancient outfit of sexy underwear.


The style of colorful lingerie can be divided into two categories: tops and bottoms.Most of the upper and styles are interpreted on ancient noble clothes. For example, the elements of traditional clothing such as Shangguan Wan’er and Hua Mulan were designed for elements.There are many different types in the bottom, such as straight tube, skirts, lace skirts, etc., most of which are interpreted according to the style of modern fashion design.In addition, there are many different styles of costumes in costumes, such as Chinese style, kimono style, ancient freehand and other styles.

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Design element

In the design of costumes in costumes, there are many modern fashion elements such as chiffon, lace, perspective, and mesh.At the same time, there are many ancient clothing elements, such as lotus collar, fish tail folds, bulging collar, wide shoulders, etc.These elements are cleverly integrated together and perfectly combine tradition and fashion.

color match

In terms of color, costumes and sexy underwear often choose some colorful, blue and white chlorophyll, and splendid color.In addition, there are some classic and easy -to -match colors such as black and white, which is easier to match different accessories and other clothing.


The wearing effect of the costume underwear is very exciting.It can show the beautiful lines of women, highlight the curve of the figure, and make women feel more confident and charming.In addition, the materials used in the costumes of costumes are also very comfortable and soft, and they are very comfortable to wear.

Method of matching

The matching method is very important.Women can match the ancient clothing underwear with high heels, jewelry jewelry, various styles of hair accessories, and then with a small bag, so that women can become more beautiful, elegant and charming.


Lingerie Set

The costumes of the costume underwear are very suitable for wearing in the fun theme party and various festivals, and it is also suitable for romantic dinner and beach baths.Of course, if women like it, they can also wear them in daily life. After all, the combination of dressing and mood is complementary.


It is very important to maintain ancient dressing underwear. They cannot withstand excessive friction and strong sunlight.Women need to pay attention to avoid using bleaching agents, soft agents, dryers, etc. to cause damage to ancient clothes sexy underwear. It is best to use hand washing to clean them.


When choosing to buy a costume underwear, women need to pay attention to the size because different brands and styles may have certain differences.At the same time, it is also important to choose high -quality materials.In addition, you may wish to consult the opinions of some professionals when buying, and choose the style and color that suits you.

Brand recommendation

There are also many recommended brands on the market, including La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Jean Yu, Dita Von Teese, Bordelle, CHANTAL Thomass, and so on.Essence


Costume sexy underwear is a unique underwear style. It not only has the traditional elements of ancient clothing, but also incorporates modern fashion design, showing completely different charm.Women can wear special occasions to show their unique gentleness, sexy, and charm. They can also wear different temperament and personality in daily life.It is hoped that women will not be humble and overweight when choosing and wearing ancient outfit underwear, so that they can be comfortable, confident, gentle, and charming.