Sexual underwear sexual abuse training

Sexual underwear sexual abuse training

Beginning sex underwear sex tune training

In the world of sex and sexy toys, sexy underwear is a very common item.During sex, wearing sexy sexy underwear or sexy uniforms can make the sexual life of the two more passionate.Among them, love underwear sexual abuse is one of the special ways of gameplay. Let’s discuss it together.

What is sexy underwear sex tune training

Sexual abuse of sexy underwear is simply using various erotic underwear in the process of sex, allowing partners to play different roles and achieve the purpose of sexual abuse and training.

A variety of sexy underwear is used for sexual abuse training

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There are many types of sexy underwear, including sexy suits, dog collar, restraint tools, leather whip, rope, etc.These props played an important role in sexual abuse and training.

The importance of safety abuse training

Be sure to keep it safe when making sexy underwear.Use sexy underwear, rope and other props to ensure that it will not cause serious damage to the body and avoid accidents in the process of sex.

Pay attention to the details of sex underwear sexual abuse.

When making sexy underwear, we must first ensure whether the partner agrees and maintain mutual respect.When choosing sexy underwear, straps, leather whip, etc., the difficulty and degree of use should be determined according to the physical strength and physical fitness of the partner.If the partner is a bit uncomfortable, you need to stop in time and ask if they need to adjust.

The benefits of sexy underwear sexual abuse

Sexual abuse of sexual underwear can allow the two to better understand each other and enhance the emotional connection between the two; deepen the tacit understanding and intimacy between husband and wife, and enhance sexual pleasure.

Common erotic underwear sexual abuse training methods

1. SM tuning: use sexual emotional fun underwear and rope tools to complete the abuse and training of slaves.

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2. Master and slave: women play slaves to obey the requirements of male masters.In the process of sex, men can dominate slaves at will.

Fun underwear training requires the techniques to have

1. When conducting sexual abuse of sexy underwear, pay attention to keeping safety and avoid injuries to the partner.

2. Fully prepare various sexy underwear and tuning props for use at any time.Choose the right clothing and props according to the taste and preference of the partner. 


Sexy underwear sexual abuse is a very special gameplay. It requires the full cooperation between the two partners, so that the relationship between the two is closer and the sex is more intense.But be sure to pay attention to safety!Make sure you and the other half of your health.