Sex underwear temporarily

Sex underwear temporarily


Interesting underwear is a mysterious, sexy, seductive underwear, suitable for wearing it under special occasions, whether it is to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Honeymoon Memorial, or to show sexy in some special occasionsOn the one hand, you can choose sexy underwear.


Sex underwear is usually divided into two categories: beautiful and sexy.Among them, pretty is a relatively gentle and natural presentation. Common styles are suspenders, lace, silk, chiffon, etc., which are relatively conservative.The sexy style is to show women’s body lines vividly, and common ones include camisole transparent lace, hollow -out exposed milk, deep V sets, etc.


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When choosing a sexy underwear, confirm that your size is necessary.Because sexy underwear is usually relatively close, choosing inappropriate sizes can easily cause uncomfortable wear or cause damage to your body.Generally speaking, the size of the sexy underwear is stricter than the size of ordinary underwear, so you must tailor it or refer to the size table for the suitable size.


The material of sexy underwear is rich in materials, including silk, lace, chiffon, leather and other materials.It is important to choose the material that suits you according to your needs and comfort.If you want to feel cool in the hot summer, you can choose a thin and light material; if you want to feel warm in the cold winter, you can choose thick materials; if you want to reveal your sexy as much as possible, you can choose transparently transparent ones.Lace, mesh, red leather, and so on.


Sex underwear has different colors. Many people choose sexy red, and other colors such as black, purple, pink and blue are also very popular.However, when choosing the color, you must also choose based on your own skin color, while considering the coordination with other items.


When choosing a sexy underwear, consider the occasion.Under what circumstances is it suitable to wear sexy underwear?Choosing sexy underwear suitable for the occasion can make you feel more confident, sexy, and charming.If you are playing at home, you may wish to choose more exposed sexy underwear; but if you participate in formal occasions such as gatherings, banquets, etc., then please choose a generous and exposed sexy underwear.


When matching with sex underwear, the matching of other items cannot be ignored.For women, for example, when pairing with the above -mentioned sexy -style sexy underwear, you can choose to wear high heels to make yourself more charming. At the same time, you can choose to match accessories such as rivets or slim necklaces to enhance the overall fashion temperament.



The maintenance of sexy underwear is also very important.Many fun underwear on the market have special materials, such as silk, lace, etc. It is necessary to use special detergents, low -temperature washing, sun protection and drying.At the same time, for some precious sexy underwear, it is recommended to use hand washing or professional dry cleaning.

in conclusion

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you, so you must consider your needs, occasions, matching and maintenance.Only the most suitable erotic underwear can make you more confident and natural when showing your sexy charm, and at the same time, it is easy to create a perfect fashion match.