Sex underwear shop trial worker

Sex underwear shop trial worker

Become a sexy underwear shop trial staff

Many women will face a problem, that is, they do not know how to choose sexy underwear that is suitable for their bodies and character, so the interesting underwear shop trials have become indispensable occupations.


The duties of sexy underwear store trials are to help customers choose a sexy underwear that suits them. Its work includes communicating with customers, answering customer questions, and recommending appropriate sexy underwear.

Required quality

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Being a sexy underwear shop trial person requires the following qualities:

Has a higher sexy underwear product knowledge

Understand customer needs and provide solutions

Have good communication and sales skills

Have patience and careful character

Trial process

After the customer arrives at the store, the trial person needs to listen to the needs and opinions of the customer. According to the customer’s body, personality, style, etc., it is recommended to be suitable for sexy underwear.

Then, the trials need to provide customers with a comfortable trial environment, and assist customers to try on sexy underwear to give professional suggestions and improvement opinions.


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When trying to wear sexy underwear, there are some precautions that need to be a trial person to remind customers:

Choose the right size to avoid uncomfortable trial experience

Pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, extend the service life of sexy underwear

Different cleaning methods are used according to different sexy lingerie styles and materials

Recommended style

There are many types of sexy underwear, and the common styles are:

Belids: Suitable for customers who want to highlight personality and sexy

Conjunction: Suitable for customers who need styling effects, and at the same time have the effect of covering the local area

Bikini: Classic, simple, suitable for beginners who try sexy underwear

Breast sticker: No restraint, suitable for showing sexy customers

keep clean

Sex underwear directly contacts the body. In order to ensure hygiene, the trials need to do the following:

Clean and disinfection before trying on

Clean and disinfection after trial

Replace sexy underwear regularly

Professional advice

Sex underwear store trials need to provide customers with professional suggestions and improvement opinions to help customers choose the sexy underwear that suits them best.Suggestions include:

Choose sexy underwear that conforms to figure, avoid affecting comfort and use effect

Choose suitable sexy underwear based on personalities

Select different styles of sexy underwear according to the habits and scenes

consultation service

Sex underwear store trials need to answer the questions raised by customers in a timely manner and provide professional consulting services.Note that when answering questions, you must be true, accurate, and easy to understand.


Through the introduction of this article, it is believed that readers have a more detailed understanding of the profession of sexy underwear stores.As an important part of a sexy underwear store, the trial personnel requires comprehensive, professional and responsible work.Thanks to the front -line sexy underwear trials, without their professional help, it is difficult for many women to find a sexy underwear that suits them.