Sex underwear novels all

Sex underwear novels all


With the continuous opening of sexual concepts, sexy underwear has gradually become a symbol of women’s fashion and sexy. More and more women are beginning to try this kind of clothes that make them more confident and sexy.There are many fun underwear styles, and different styles are suitable for different occasions and different figures. Today, let’s take a look at various types of sexy underwear.

Sexy pajamas

Sexy pajamas are usually made of thin and transparent materials, lace, embroidery and other elements. The style is bold, avant -garde, and sexy.It reflects the feminine and sexy of women, and is a good choice for couples to enhance emotions and regulate emotions.

Lace underwear

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Lace underwear is made of lace fabric, complicated lace design, and unique tailoring can highlight the sexy and charming of women. It has become the first choice for many women. It is suitable for romantic nights and can also act as daily underwear.

Erotic suit

The fun set includes headdress, bra, bottom pants, stockings, etc. The overall matching is in line with the theme, with a variety of styles, or temptation, or sexy, or sexy, perfectly showing women’s body lines. It is a special choice of the occasion.

Bodied underwear

Bid -body underwear is a more conservative sexy underwear, suitable for wearing on grand occasions.The structure is tight, can effectively tighten the waist and belly, highlight the beautiful curve, and make women more confident and beautiful.


The corset design is firm, and the chest can be tied to the tight lines, making women’s chests more upright and plump, attracting attention. It is the choice of many beautiful women.

Hollow underwear

The main feature of hollow underwear is the hollow design of lace or embroidery parts of pants and tops, revealing the sexy and mysterious taste of women, and the hollow part can also show a sexy curve of women. It is a more special sexy underwear.

Robes & Gowns


The bellyband is a kind of sexy underwear with the most Chinese characteristics.It reflects the femininity and sexy of women, which can be used as a palace talent or women’s clothing.

Deep V underwear

Deep V underwear explains the fashion concept of "low -key luxury".Its V -shaped design can show the sexy chest line of women, making women look elegant and noble while sexy.


Stockings are one of the important accessories with sexy underwear, which is more excited with the atmosphere.Stockings are divided into different textures, colors, textures and properties. Choosing the right stockings when matching underwear can improve the overall interest.


Different erotic underwear type shows different charm of women. From sexy pajamas to beam underwear, each category has its own characteristics and applicable occasions.When choosing, women can choose in combination with their bodies and personal preferences, and sexy underwear has also become a way for couples to sublimate emotion and improve life.