Sex underwear gathers chest stickers

Sex underwear gathers chest stickers


Interesting underwear is one of the essential items in women’s wardrobes. Among them, gathering chest stickers is the most commonly used underwear. It can make the ideal chest shape and make the figure more perfect.In this article, I will introduce in detail what is gathered, and why women need it.

The principle of gathered chest stickers

Gathering chest paste is a glue -based underwear. Its main function is to concentrate the chest tissue in the middle to form a deep V -line, which makes the chest fuller and prominent.Under normal circumstances, the adhesive surface of the gathered chest sticker will be pasted on both sides of the chest, and pulls the center to achieve the effect of gathering.

How to use the chest sticker

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Before using gathered chest stickers, make sure that chest skin is clean, without oil, sweat and perfume, because they will affect the viscosity of glue.Stick the glue sticker to the lower chest, then gently pull the chest to the middle, then make the chest sticker tighten the sides of the chest, pull the strap in the middle of the chest, and then the gathering effect can be achieved.

Advantages of gathered chest stickers

Compared with traditional underwear, there are many advantages:

For special occasions that are not suitable for wearing ordinary underwear, gathering chest stickers is the best choice;

It can gather the chest, stretch the chest part of the chest, and show the beautiful figure of women;

Compared with traditional underwear, the clustering chest stickers are more breathable and transparent, and can wear any color skirts or clothes;

Because it is based on glue, it will not leave the strap on the clothes and the traces of the shoulder straps to enhance the comfort of wearing.

Types of gathered chest stickers

According to different needs and occasions, there are many different styles and materials gathered in the chest stickers, such as: paper material gathered chest stickers, triangular gathered chest stickers, heart -shaped gathered chest stickers, and so on.Before choosing to gather chest stickers, choose the style and materials that suits you according to your body, occasion and needs.

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The disadvantages of gathered chest stickers

Although there are many advantages of gathered chest stickers, it also has some disadvantages.The main disadvantage is that gathered chest stickers cannot provide plump support and chest protection. Therefore, it is not suitable for exercise and long -term wear. At the same time, it is not suitable for breast stickers.harm.

How to choose to gather chest stickers?

When choosing to gather chest stickers, there are several important factors that need to be considered:

Material -Choosing breathable, soft, comfortable materials is very important

Adhesive -The fit of the chest sticker is very important, so you need to choose a product with good stickiness

Style -Select the appropriate style according to your own needs and occasions

Brand -brand reputation and quality is also one of the factors that need to be considered when choosing to get together

How to correctly maintain and clean the chest stickers?

Correct maintenance and cleaning the chest stickers can extend their service life and avoid harm to the skin.After use, tear the chest stickers slowly from the skin, rinse with warm water, and gently dry it with a towel.Do not use soap or other powerful cleaners for cleaning, because these agents will cause damage to the glue of the aggregated chest.

in conclusion

In short, gathering chest stickers is a very practical sexy underwear that allows women to show their charm in special occasions.When choosing to gather the chest sticker, choose the appropriate style according to your needs and body, while maintaining and cleaning the chest sticker is also very important.