Send predecessor

Send predecessor

When your predecessor leaves you, you can choose to meet again after breaking up and may make one thing more complicated -giving her gifts.You may want to give her something to express your apology, or to make her feel better.In this case, you may be considering buying a sexy underwear for her.If you decide to do this, there are some things to pay attention to.The following will introduce some matters about sending predecessors’ sexy underwear.

Choose the right type

The first thing to consider is to choose the appropriate type of underwear.Although this problem seems simple, it cannot be ignored.Because your goal is to make her happy, not to make her more angry.So you need to be particularly careful.If you are too adventurous and choose an overweight underwear, it may make her feel insulted and humiliated.This result is completely the opposite of your original intention.

Consider her personal preference

In addition to choosing appropriate types of underwear, you should also consider her personal preference.This is important because the type of sexy underwear needs to meet her preferences to make her feel at ease.You can recall her favorite clothing and her taste and style when you are together to help you make a good choice.

Choose the right color

Color is also a factor that needs to be considered when choosing underwear.You need to choose a color that suits her like and suitable for her skin tone.In this way, she feels confident in wearing underwear.If you are not sure what color of underwear you should choose, you can choose a more classic color such as white or black.

Consider the size of the underwear

This problem is important because a piece of unsuitable clothes can make people feel very uncomfortable.You need to try your best to find her accurate size, or at least a size close to her accurate size.If you can’t find her accurate size, you can consider buying a relatively loose style.

Don’t add some unnecessary messages

When you give your predecessor, you should not add any unnecessary messages to the gift.This is easy to be misunderstood for your feelings for you to save your feelings.Remember to keep the gift simple and let the underwear itself show its beauty and sexy.

The packaging is exquisite

Good packaging is necessary for gifts such as sexy underwear.A beautiful gift box or packaging bag can not only increase the value of the gift, but also make her feel special when receiving the gift.Try to avoid using cheap and worn packaging.

Send her a greeting card

Adding a greeting card to the gift not only shows your care and intentions of her, but also a good way to convey information.Write short and sweet information in the greeting card to express your blessings and gratitude to her.Let her know that you really care about her and want her to live well.

Don’t force

The last suggestion is to force her to put on the underwear you gave her.If she doesn’t want to wear it, don’t ask or force her to wear.In the face of this situation, you should respect her wishes.Let her make her choice as usual as usual.

in conclusion

In general, it is not easy to choose a gift for a special person like a predecessor.However, if you carefully choose a beautiful sexy underwear and make her feel special with your care, no matter how your relationship changes, she will remember that you have made her feel special.

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